Elders Recording Phone Calls?

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  • Maverick

    I have a question for you-all. But let me explain first. It was a common practice in my Hall to record all calls from the membership. The reasoning was based on the two witness rule. If you had a call from Sister Upset and counseled her, she may later say you told her something you did not. By recording your phone conversation you "covered" yourself. It could not be used officially but if an issue ever came up the commitee could hear it and that would end it. They would bury the matter if you were proved correct. As I only can speak about the Hall in which I was a member of the Servant Body I do not know if this was an exception. I will say if I get a call from the Pharisee the first thing I plan to say is, "I do NOT give permission for my call to be recorded". Now my question; Does anyone else have any knoweldge of the practice of Elders recording their phone calls with Publishers?

  • minimus

    NO....2 elders would be on a telephone to establish a fact WITH the person's knowledge. Which congregation did you go to? Sounds illegal and definitely unethical. This sounds strange.

  • teenyuck
    Unless you tell the person upfront and get them to agree that being recorded is acceptable, it is illegal.

    It is a good way to CYA, however, it is still illegal.

    When you call banks or credit companies, they tell you that you "may" be recorded, this way, if you stay on the line you are agreeing to being recorded.

    It is beyond reprehensible that a member of the clergy would do this.

  • Bendrr

    The legality of this practice depends on the state. For instance, here in Georgia it is legal to record a phone call without notifying the other party. However for elders to do it, even where legal, is extremely unethical. I wouldn't be suprised if this were a common practice.


  • Francois

    teenyuk and all - It depends on which state you're doing your wire tapping in.

    In Georgia, only one of the two persons in a telephone conversation are required to know that it's being recorded. In other states, both ends must know. And for neither end to know, I'm pretty sure you'd need a court order.


  • gumby

    If a sister wanted to confide to ONLY one elder....and REFUSED to confess or talk to anyone else.....especially a judicial committe...it would NOT be beyond an elder to have another "listen in' ...to establish a fact. If they will stoop to taking pictures out of vans and spying on supposed apostates meeting together, and will spy on a house to prove a mate is cheating on the other......they will use phone tricks too.


  • teenyuck

    This is why you bring a video recorder to a JC and if they refuse have a backup recorder in your pocket. If they are going to be unethical pricks, you can too.

    In Ohio, where I am, it is illegal to record without the parties consent. I despise these Inspector Clousou (Pink Panther guy-sp?) types...

  • Maverick

    Thank you-all for your resposes. I wasn't as clear as I should have been. I was reffering to phone calls made to the Elders homes, not at the Hall. Here in Florida it is illegal to record a telephone conversation without the consent of BOTH parties prior to the recording of the conversation. Prior consent must be obtained in writing or be a part of, and obtained at the start of the recording. As far as at the Hall, every cong. I was in someone listened in. Usually on the Library phone, (in the back in the dark). Maverick

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