This is soooo cool!

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  • LovesDubs
  • joannadandy
    joannadandy the hell does that thing work...I did it like 12 times, with all different numbers and it was right everytime

  • ApagaLaLuz

    It changes the symbols everytime. If the symbols stayed the same and you continued to pick random numbers then it would be cool. All the numbers that are a multiple of 3 share the same symbol. By doing the equasion they give you, you have no choice but come up with a number that is a multiple of three. So even though you change your number, the symbol will always be the same.

    Hope my explination makes sense. I had to do it about 5 times before I figured it out

  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie

    Chevy, your answer was pretty close to correct...

    The symbols do change each time you start a new "round" of the game, but the mathematical constant is that any time you perform the calculation they ask you to do (two digit number, subtract the sum of the digits from the original number) you will always come up with a multimple of NINE. Each time you are asked to pick a new number, check out the list... All multiples of 9 (along with several other numbers that cannot possibly be an answer) will be the same symbol.

    Devious, yes, but still pretty cool!

  • ApagaLaLuz

    My original response was that it was a ultiple of 9, but I changed it after I doubted myself.

    Guess next time I'll stick with my original instinct

  • pr_capone

    Very cool!!!!!!!

  • gumby

    You poor bastards are all wrong and old smart Gumby the studmeister REALLY figured it out.

    Any one can do this. Heres how it works.

    Take any number.....say 76. Add 7 and 6 take that number(13)and subtract 13 from 76 and you get 63.

    You take the number 63 and put a ZEBRA next to it.

    In other words you or I could pick random numbers and put them on a chart as they the math as I just did...assign an animal to that number....and play the game with anyone. It is "cool". Math is behind nearly everything....if not all things.

    I saved this one for my favorite places and will send it around to my buds. Thanks


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