Dr. Phil says "time for a new church"

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  • Mulan

    On yesterday's Dr. Phil show, he was talking to a couple and the husband had had multiple illicit affairs. Phil was counseling them on surviving this in their marriage. He said this: "Do I understand correctly that you were kicked out of your church?" The wife said it was true, and that actually the husband was kicked out but she stopped attending because she wasn't getting the needed support, and how painful it had been because they had been very active. Their daughter won't speak to him anymore (she is 14).

    Phil said: "Let me get this straight. Family in crisis, so the church kicks you out? It's time for you to get a new church."

    The whole audience broke into applause. I thought they probably weren't JW's, but the more I think about it, the more I think they might have been.


    Hey Mulan,they very well could have been dubs..Family in crisis,so the church kicks you out?..We`ve never heard that before..Dubs or some cult just as crazy,thats for sure...OUTLAW

  • Billygoat


    I saw that and wondered the same thing. They didn't identify what church it was, but I thought it sounded kinda strange. I know there are other churches that believe in excommunication/disfellowshipping...but not many. I thought the way he worded it was so on target.


  • Gopher

    I thought most churches had some kind of ministry for those in various kinds of trouble, be it personal trouble or family trouble. They have assistant pastors and such, people who are trained to do some counselling.

    But the JW's kick you to the curb right when you're at your weakest point in life. The reason? You're apparently not "good enough" to be one of them anymore.

    I didn't see the talk show mentioned here, but I'd lay 90% odds that they were JW's. The man being kicked out was bad enough, but the clincher was the active wife "not getting needed support". That sounds very cliquish and very JW-like to me.

  • BeautifulGarbage

    Hi Mulan,

    I saw the show too, and wondered if there was a JW connection with that couple. It sounded so familiar. "Leave and don't come back" I believe is what they said.

    Another thing that struck me was when the woman related that she had lost all of her friends because she stayed with her husband. JW connection? Not sure. A dear friend of mine, not a JW, found out her spouse was cheating and she made the decision that she wanted to salvage the marriage. He was very sorry and they went to marriage counseling for nearly a year. Out of all of her friends, I was the only one that supported her through such a trying time. Everyone else told her she was "stupid" and an "idiot" for not leaving him on the spot. It hurt her deeply to be abandoned by "friends".


  • Elsewhere

    But you're forgetting the VERY MOST IMPORTANT THING.... The elders MUST keep the congregation clean!!!

    Damn the baby!!! We've got to get that filthy bathwater OUT!!!!

    Family in crisis,so the church kicks you out?..

    Yup. . . dubs . . .


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