The Pot Calls the Kettle Black

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    Just thought I should share this quote from a 1999 Awake! that I found while perusing the WT CD-ROM:

    *** g99 4/8 pp. 6-7 The Crisis Is Worldwide ***

    Sickening reports of pedophile rings, which greedily exploit children sexually, are flooding in from all over the world. (See the box on page 7.) The victims are both young boys and young girls. Lured by unscrupulous men, they are sexually abused and then threatened or lavishly spoiled to encourage them to remain with the "club." The men who plan and perform these vile acts are often prominent leaders of the community and sometimes do so with the full knowledge and protection of the police and the judiciary.

    Sexual abuse of children by clergymen is also causing outrage. News reports from all over the world reveal the extent of child abuse by clergymen, sometimes even in the name of God. For example, a convicted Anglican priest told his ten-year-old victim that "God was speaking through him [the clergyman], and anything he did or anything [the boy] did was loved by God and therefore right."

    In Australia a review of the book The Battle and the Backlash: The Child Sexual Abuse War commented on child abuse by clergymen and others in positions of trust. It said that the organizations involved appeared to be concerned with limiting the damage to their own image and protecting themselves rather than protecting vulnerable children.

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    Interesting comment. Thanks for posting that.

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