Hi y'all!!!

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  • Skeptically Yours
    Skeptically Yours


    Been away, extremely busy with life, for so long! Hope everything is fine with you all.

    Worked my charm so that the book study meeting didn't happen in my home. That was such a sweet victory, and in such a way that my husband didn't even realize it was all my doing. I amaze myself sometimes!!!

    Take care!

  • Swan

    Details! We need details!

    I knew you were planning to jinx the book study, but how did you do it so that your husband didn't realize it was you?


  • pr_capone

    LOL, Congratulations! Now if only we could get rid of ALL bookstudies!

  • christopherceo

    Yeah, we could create mass fear among the JW's by spreading the rumor that their bookstudies are targets for ex-JW protests. They would have to be more careful of where they meet and as always in the best interest of the common publisher: stay away from anybody trying to convince you that the WTS is wrong, we all know they are but we're too afraid to say anything, so don't. Man would they be trippin', holding special meetings and all, pretending like they are secret but putting on a very public show of their actions at the same time to draw individuated private attention from each member and the group as a whole for the insinuation that they have such a large responsibility to look after the security of the sheep that they must decide what WTS laws to apply in this situation then enforce them with any amount of aggression or control that they wish to exert regardless of the the damaging effects inflicted on so many suble levels of our senses and thinking abilities. Does anybody understand what I mean?

  • blondie

    Hi SY,

    Did the suggestions you got here help? Which one(s) did you use?

    Making him have to do the housecleaning before the meeting is a good one. Cleaning the bathroom probably did him in.

    Welcome back!

    Blondie (congratulations on your coup)

  • ballistic

    whaha LOL

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