We're singing in the rain, just singing in the rain!

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  • ozziepost

    What a glorious feeling,

    We're happy again!

    Here's tonight's news bulletin:

    20:50 AEST Fri 21 Feb 2003
    Australia rejoices as rain returns

    Country Australia welcomed back an old friend - rain.

    After 12 dry, hot and rainless months, good falls were recorded through South Australia, Victoria and NSW, with hopes the rain would head north into Queensland overnight.

    But farmers warned that although useful, more rain was needed to break the back of the nation's worst drought in a century.

    Some of the best falls were in central and southern NSW, with towns such as Cowra (47mm), Cootamundra (31mm), Tamworth (27mm) and Inverell (26mm) all receiving good rain.

    Some parts of Canberra, which was facing a tightening of its water restrictions, received 56mm between 9am and 3pm.

    In parts of northern Victoria, some areas have received almost 100mm since the heavens opened on Thursday.

    In south-western Queensland, Birdsville farmer David Brook, whose property abuts the South Australian border and the Simpson Desert, said the rain could not have come at a better time.

    After 35mm earlier in the week, the area that averages just 160mm a year got another 5.5mm.

    Mr Brook said farmers had been increasingly concerned about the dry, as the past two years had delivered just 70mm.

    "In the last two days we've got two-thirds of the rain that we've had the past two years," he said.

    "People were really starting to get down as it looked like we were going into our third dry year, so there are a fair few smiles about the place."

    NSW Farmers Association president Mal Peters said although the rain was good, more was needed especially with warm temperatures expected over the next two months.

    He said without that follow-up rain, the coming winter crop could again be well down.

    But Mr Peters said the rain had boosted morale amongst many rural communities that had almost given up on seeing another downpour.

    "Best of all, it's reminded farmers that it does know how to rain and lifted flagging spirits," he said.

    President of Queensland rural lobby group AgForce, Larry Acton, said his organisation would be submitting more claims for Exceptional Circumstances (EC) federal drought assistance.

    He said Queensland farmers were just hoping the rain pushed further north.

    "If we don't get some good rain soon then there will be many farmers in Queensland in a desperate situation," he said.

    Prime Minister John Howard said although it was too early to tell whether the drought had officially broken, the rain was of enormous benefit to farmers.

    "This is the best news this country has had for a couple of years," Mr Howard told reporters.

    "Nobody should underestimate the human and economic cost of it.

    "The breaking of the drought if it occurs will be of enormous benefit to our country."

    Opposition environment spokesman Kelvin Thomson said while the rain was good, Australians should make better use of the nation's water supplies, both in rural areas and in cities.

    ©AAP 2003

  • plmkrzy

    After 12 dry, hot and rainless months

    My mouth is dry just thinking about it


    I wish we could ship all our excess snow/moisture to our Aussie pals. We've got the opposite, too much moisture.

    If we could truck it over in trade of warmth and a few cases of Vegemite and VB, we'll clench the deal.

    OH...and we'll kick in a case of Canuck Maple Syrup.

    Glad to hear the rains are kissing the parched earth of Australia .

    Best regards from Canada.

  • TresHappy

    Well, it's raining in Texas too. All day, all night, gray and dark and nasty...

  • CoonDawg

    It's been raining here for about the last 10 days here in Tennessee. In fact, we've had some deaths due to flooding. You can have some of ours. Take it, PLEASE!


  • Stephanus

    Heh,heh! The girl in the corner shop said to me on Moday "Isn't this change great?" I said "If this weather sets in, after a few days everybody will be complaining". She said "Don't say that!" For the rest of the week we had rainy days, with Thursday and Friday absolutely pissing down with rain. I thought it wouldn't be long before complaints about rain. However, it appears to be clearing up today, so maybe the complaints won't be forthcoming...

  • ozziepost

    There's more to come next week, Steph!

    I can recall the time many years ago when Mrs Ozzie and I were on our farm in a drought. When the rains came, we all ran around the paddock getting nicely wet from the teeming rain. It was just so joyful! And we didn't feel a bit cold!

    Nowadays we're retired farmers, but we still remember those of farming stock to whom we Australians owe a debt of gratitude, for they contribute towards the wealth and well-being of our nation.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Shakita

    Here in Jersey we had drought conditions this same time last year.

    Now we have had 18+ inches of snow last week, and 2 inches of rain forecasted for this weekend. We are currently under a flood watch.

    Wish Mother Nature would get her act together!

    Mrs. Shakita


    I can recall the time many years ago when Mrs Ozzie and I were on our farm in a drought. When the rains came, we all ran around the paddock getting nicely wet from the teeming rain.

    well, the mind boggles at that thought............LOL. i have a vivid image in my mind and it's very funny. hope it doesn't rain when you come to visit, just in case you and mrs ozzie get the urge all over again.



  • ozziepost


    Stranger things have happened!!! [:D]

    See ya Sunday.

    Cheers, Ozzie

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