Raelians- A new angle on prediction?

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Ive been looking into the Raelians over the past few weeks, and I must confess that, in terms of cults, they are a little different and are introducing some new angles into cultic behaviour and prediction that I havent observed before. Im impressed.

    Of course, its a known fact that cults have a predictive expectation. This is a standard method of rapidly increasing membership, ( as the Sheldan Nidle organization, "Planetary Activation Organization" demonstrated in the mid 90s) Usually, the predictive expectation revolves around a DATE. Which date is usually set in advance. Generating "expectation", membership increase, and which expectation has to be rationalized away after it fails to materialize. The Raelians are trying a different angle on their expectation. Oh yes, the Aliens are coming, but:

    QUOTE...."There is at present no way that an extra-terrestrial race can officially enter into contact with humanity without breaking local or international laws, without being perceived as a threat or without appearing to support the politics and morals of that territory. To overcome all these obstacles they need an embassy..... .If they were to land anywhere on Earth at present, extra-terrestrials would first of all be invading airspace. Their uninvited presence would trigger automatic defence systems targeted at other countries. The panic both among the military and the public might paralyse continents. Also the political kudos obtained by the host country from such an important presence might unfairly be perceived by the world community as tacit approval of that country.(favoritism) So the economic, social and political consequences of such a contact cannot be left to chance. These consequences need to be thought through with extreme care. Any benevolent extra-terrestrial civilisation deserves the chance to initiate contact with us in a gentle and non invasive manner. The only solution that will ensure this is an official embassy for extra-terrestrials located in internationally neutral territory that guarantees the appropriate provisions of security and mutual respect"......End Quote

    So the aliens will not land until we "invite " them, and the invitation they require is an Embassy in Israel. Specifically Jerusalem. Actually, if you read their latest published material the Aliens have down graded their requirements. They may be able to land if the embassy is built on other genuinely "neutral territory" other than in Israel now. I wonder where THAT might be?

    Its inspired. The aliens WANT to land,desperately. Tomorrow if possible. But they cant land until the membership build an "embassy" in Israel for them to reside at.

    What are the chances of this happening?

    Normally the onus is thrown onto "Human failure" and "overexcitement" AFTER the predictive date has expired, the Raelians leadership have exonerated themselves and are covered against blame right from the start. Its an expectation that will never materialize, and there hasnt even been a date set. Nice move Rael.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    I love these specifications for the embassy:

    QUOTE:.....Have a residence built in a pleasant country with a mild climate, with seven rooms always ready to receive guests, each with a separate bathroom, a conference room able to accommodate twenty-one people, a swimming pool and a dining room capable of seating twenty-one people. This residence should be constructed in the middle of a park and should be protected from curious onlookers. The park should be entirely surrounded by walls to prevent anyone from seeing the residence and the swimming pool. The residence should be situated at a distance of at least one thousand metres from the walls around the park. It will have a maximum of two stories and should be screened from the outskirts of the wall by a barrier of trees and bushes. Install two entrances in the surrounding wall, one to the south and another on the northern side. The residence will also have two entrances. There will be a terrace on the roof where a spacecraft of twelve metres in diameter may land. Access from that terrace to the interior is essential. The air space above and around the residence should not be under direct military or radar surveillance. You will try to ensure that the land where this residence is built - if possible larger than prescribed here - is treated as neutral territory by other nations and by the nation on whose territory it is located, by virtue of it being our embassy on Earth." ..... End Quote

    The highlighted passage, by itself, is virtually unattainable in our lifetime. But this whole thing smacks of BETH SARIM does it not?? Lol.

  • jgnat

    ..and there is nothing stopping the R&F, other than their own enthusiasm and finances, from building such a paradise NOW. Of course, until military surveillance can be abolished the facility would have to remain empty. Appropriately maintained by worthy servants, of course.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Hi JGnat.

    QUOTE..."The panic both among the military and the public might paralyse continents."....

    This one is a recurring arguement within flying saucer groups.They dont want to cause mass hysteria and the collapse of our financial system by arriving unannounced. Usually this arguement is used After the predicted date expires and the saucers fail to materialize. Its one of a battery of excuses they pull out. Along with the aliens arriving on time but in a different "manner" than expected. Ive been in a group where the leadership announced that the "Ambassadors" landed at Uluru in Central Australia in April 1997, as predicted, but they were disguised as Grasshoppers, so as not to cause mass panic. The saucers are here, but they are disguised as "clouds". Thats a popular one that Ive heard a couple of times.

    QUOTE ...."Also the political kudos obtained by the host country from such an important presence might unfairly be perceived by the world community as tacit approval of that country".....

    So they dont want to appear to be showing favouritism by landing in any one country. Although actually, insisting (at first) that the embassy be in Jerusalem is showing favouritism really, isnt it. The website states that the Elohim used the Jews as a primary channel of communication for many centuries. It certainly gives the impression they are a favoured people.

    (quotes from www.rael.org)

  • DanTheMan
    the "Ambassadors" landed at Uluru in Central Australia in April 1997, as predicted, but they were disguised as Grasshoppers, so as not to cause mass panic. The saucers are here, but they are disguised as "clouds"


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Hey Dan, being a connoisseur of false prophecy you might like this one.

    Its from a group I was involved with in the mid/late 90s called “Planetary Activation Organization”. The Aliens, speaking thru their “channel” said that :

    Sheldan Nidle Update for November 22. 1996

    (7 BATZ, 19 XUL, 5 EB)

    QUOTE:…..“ the first and smaller photon belt is presently on course to encounter planet earth on December 31, 1996 (12 OC, 18 MOL, 5 EB). The second and much larger photon belt will collide with the first photon belt on January 1, 1997 ( 13 BATZ, 19 MOL, 5 EB).These events will move the Earths population into full consciousness and also complete the planets graduation into its own fully conscious status”…..

    Now I can tell you, Dan, that the move into FULL CONSCIOUSNESS is no small matter. In fact it means the passing over into the 4 Th Dimensional Utopia. However, (among many other shifts and reinterpretations) the Aliens announced on December 30. (1 DAY before the predicted date):

    Sheldan Nidle Update for December 30, 1996. (11 MULUC,17 MOL, 5 EB)

    QUOTE;….. “ Please, dear ones, do not feel disappointed during the course of this period. We are on a divine timetable that is that is set to bring you into union with your divine reality. At present, your whole conception of reality has been altered by a change in the time/ space continuum that surrounds you. This change has been made by your planetary Elohim so that your world could be moved into an interdimensional hologram that will allow you to safely enter the photon belt”……

    The upshot of this, if you read it all, is that the planet entered the photon belt, as predicted, but that the Elohim had to construct a “hologram” that APPEARS like the Old Reality. In other words we are in the Photon belt but we don’t know it. The aliens had to do this because we humans were "behind schedule" in our advancement, we were not psychologically ready for the revelation of what the photon belt would do to us. So we are in it now, but protected from fully knowing it by our beloved Elohim

    It may interest you to know, Dan, I had to type quotes from these predictions by Sheldan in longhand from my personal records, because his old "Updates" ( pre January 2000) have been removed from the archives on his website.

  • Gerard

    I tell ya, that Rael dude has to let go them Whiskey jug!

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