Is anyone from Philadelphia?

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  • Tower Man
    Tower Man


    I'm looking for some people from Philly and the surrounding area to help me in ministry by providing me with some names of newspapers that are well read. I am advertising a 24 hour recorded message for JWs in the classified section. I'm not looking to advertise in the Philadelphia Inquirer or Daily News as these are WAY too expensive. More neighborhood papers. Especially in North Philly since I haven't gone up in that area yet. However, any recommendations would be appreciated. Here's my email address: [email protected]


    Tower Man

  • plmkrzy

    I might be, I don't seem to be from anywhere so far. But as soon as I find out if I even here, I'll let you know

    This is my thread and It hasn't existed all day.

    So If no one responds to you, be patient, check back in a day or so. LOL!

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  • berylblue

    I'm from the Philadelphia area. What about the METRO? It's free (not to advertise in, but the readers pick it up all over Center City for free), and everyone reads it.


    Oh, how about the "alternative" papers like Philadelphia Weekly?

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