A survivor's poem - 18 years on

by A Paduan 3 Replies latest social current

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    aim a blow torch at my eyes

    pour acid down my throat

    strip the tissue from my lungs

    drown me in my own blood

    choke my baby to death in front of me

    force me to watch her struggles as she dies

    cripple my children

    let pain be their daily and their only playmate

    spare me nothing

    ruin my health so I can no longer work or feed my family

    watch us starve

    see my children drinking water at night to fill their hungry bellies

    poison our drinking water

    never warn us of the danger

    cause monsters to be born among us

    make us curse God

    stunt our living children’s growth

    say it’s nothing to do with you

    don’t ever say sorry

    for eighteen years ignore our cries

    teach me that my rage is as useless as my tears

    prove to me beyond all doubt that there is no justice in the world

    you are a wealthy american corporation

    and I am a gas victim of

  • A Paduan
  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    bhopal - 20000 dead, over half a million injured, compensation amounts to less than an aspirin per day - no war against this terror.

  • LyinEyes

    18 years caught my eye.

    There are so many who this poem could be directed to,,,,,,,,,fathers, the WT, the elders, the government..............even God. But who hears the cries, who sees the tears,,,,,,,,who really cares? I know I, for one,,,,,,,,,,,,,I do care. But what are you left with.......... RAGE!!!!!!!!

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