Has Maverick been a bad boy?

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  • Maverick

    Hey folks, seem my posting privileges have been restricted. I guess I've been a bad boy. Dedalus and I had some cool interactions but I guess the fun is over. I can't post any comments on existing topics. Am I just feeling persecuted or are others having trouble too? I sent in the Baptism Nullification letter and have been waiting for the CO's visit. Well he is here this week and the PO left a message on my voice mail. He was all sweet and friendly and said he was just checking in on me as he had not seen me in awhile, ( a year and a half ). I put a message on his voice mail asking him why he was bothering me and why would I care if the corporate inspector general was visiting his Hall? I was not a member, not now, not ever, so stop bothering me. Today I sent copies of the BN letter to him and the CO, (I never sent them ones when I did the mass mailout). I was Dissin them. I put a note on the PO's letter telling him not to pester me and as that far as I was concerned spiritually he was just some retired grocery clerk! The note I put on the CO's letter stated that we both knew he was just a corporate inspector whose job it was to make sure corporate policy was followed to the letter. And I asked him if he ever had a real job? I will try to keep you posted on this. Hey, maybe Dedalus was right, my BN letter may be a distinction without a difference. I will be honest and try to keep everyone up to date. That alone puts me one up on the criminals at Brooklyn. Maverick, in the doghouse???

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    hi maverick; i liked your da or bn letter it but them in the hot seat.. now you have to say do you want to play with them, or blow them off totally . if you want to blow them off.. i would say wait till they come to your door, and hold them there. and say wait a minute i have something on the stove.. at that time call the police, say that you are being harrassed. they will come , let the police know that the jw's are violating your civil,human, and your rights to freedom of religion . liberty and peace. etc and anything you can come up with ... the elders will be standing ther looking like s&*T THEn SAY YOU WANT TO MAKE A REPORT, of this harrassment, and want to get a court order against the jw's to keep away from you etc. the police will have to file a report, and give you and the elders a copy... this will take some time , and all the while you can work over the jw's and the police may give them a sermon also ... they will feel like fools.... if this is what you want . it will be most effective... good luck ....,john

  • dedalus
    I was Dissin them.

    We mid-level academics would never use such "common" vernacular.

    Seriously, Maverick, I hope it works out for you. Whether I'm right about baptism nullification or not is sort of besides the point. What matters is that you make your exit in a way that satisfies yourself. That's sort of all I was ever really trying to say, anyway.


  • blackguard

    Hey maverick-----so you've been a bad boy, eh? Well then? Isn't some discipline in order? Take yourself over to Bruce's gay bar in Hillcrest, San Diego, and have the patrons there give you a good spanking. Go on a friday night when the place is full. Oh just a minute, didn't you say you're a southerner? Can you find something comparable there and go for a good hiding? Watch out for the crooked-finger spanking--I'm told that's a killer! Or are you trying to tell us in that ambiguous southern manner that the jwd forum has censorship similarities to the watchtower world? No microphone privileges for you buddy!

    Johnny Cip has some good advise about harrassement. If you've told the thugs not to bother you originally and they violate this written instruction, wouldn't this then, constitute harrassement?

  • Maverick

    Well looky here I'm BAAAAACk! Hey, Dedalus, sorry for the bad grammar. Johnny cip, thanks for the input. I was thinking along the lines of trespassing after a warning. Blackguard, boy are you a different kinda guy! I bet your big and hairy too! Maverick

  • Angharad

    Urm Maverick

    There is no big conspiracy here - maybe you just hit your posting limit.

  • Maverick

    Thanks Angharad: I thought maybe it was an operator (me) error. But I tried for two days to post on a number of topics. All kind of ways. I sent an E-mail to the admin. and where as in the past I got a quick response, to date no response. I guess I am a little sensitive to suppression after 25 years under the GoverningBodyGod. But I am back and Happy, happy, happy. Untill I tick someone else off! Maverick

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