funeral notice for sacramento woman

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  • the mole
    the mole

    here something that all should know and the fake standards set by the jw's... a father and mother shunned daughter for her drug addiction to herion and family ignored her but now that she just died on feb 17, 2003 they want to have the family, who are all members of the jw's, to give talks and give praise about her... here this person ,the daughter, hated the witness but yet they will still have elders gives talks and invite people of the kingdom to come now to see her.. i find this insulting to the daughter who was shunned and spoken hatefully against by the same people who now want praise one agreed with her life style for being an alcoholic and drug user but only the jw's would get away with something like this for shunning and refusing to encourage her to live but now be remorseful and speak of their org to bring back the dead..if she did awaken and me knowing her like i did she would spit in there faces......see the site for audra s. published 2-20-2003..

  • Buster

    I can only figure that this family is in the org for life. Can you imagine the pain of an awakening? Can you imagine the guilt the family would feel if they suddenly realized what they had done? The death of a child, and the knowledge that they had done little/nothing to help - perhaps even exacerbated the problem, would be more than I care to face in this lifetime.

    This may be an exception: they may be better off staying in that den of closed-mindedness.

  • Utopian_Raindrops

    Mole I am truly sorry for the loss of your friend.

    Nothing can replace her in your life or the other lives she has touched.

    Although you say her life style was one her family did not approve of I am sure she was a loving and giving person.

    Many who chose her style of living think mostly with their hearts and are very misunderstood by those around them. Especially family who wish to put them in small restrictive box that has no room for these special peoples BIG and Generous Hearts.

    {{{{hugs}}}}Hug sugar and know Audra and you are in our hearts and prayers.

    Gotta Luvz Ya,

    Utopian_Raindrops :butterflytwo: (Butterfly)

  • nilfun

    Mole, sending you my condolences on the loss of Audra...I saw the notice in the Sacbee and was sad to see such a beautiful young woman gone too soon.


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