Circuit Overseer Guidelines (tg-E) October 2015

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  • Tornintwo
    OMG speaker ratings.....secret meetings of the chosen few to establish the speaker ratings.....unbelievable!! No, of course there's no hierarchy in this wonderful loving organisation, we are all equal
  • notsurewheretogo


    When I was an elder I used to do this with our PO...we would rate all elders out of 5 in terms of convention speaking then this form would get passed to CO then Branch...

  • freddo

    Yeah "speaker ratings" is done every year by three elders and sent to the CO.

    The three elders were:

    Auxiliary Counselor (remember him?)

    School Overseer


    I did it one year as the Aux. Counselor. You have to do this little dance when the one being reviewed leaves the room and the other two review him!

    Mind you I don't know which three do it now, what with the new meetings etc.

  • Quarterback
    Well whoever is selecting the Convention speakers sure suck. We haven't had decent speakers in such a long time
  • Quarterback
    Thanks to everyone who have supplied us these ridiculous instructions. I noticed a lot of blank pages that were conveinient for note taking
  • slimboyfat
    Appendix G on "Taxes" appears to be entirely blank?
  • konceptual99

    The light certainly keeps getting brighter!

    Thanks to all involved in getting this out there.

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    It is a dual process. 3 Elders in each congregation grade their local Speakers A through C, any worse than that don't even get a grade.
    Then this grade sheet is sent to the CO, who adds his comments and then sends that document to the Branch. They have catagories such as Manuscripts, Outlines, Dramas, Demonstrations, etc.
  • freddo


    I wonder if the taxes page gets filled in at "the CO school" depending which country the CO lives in?

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