Can she count the time?

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  • benext

    Last night as I'm heading through the walkway to exit the subway I saw the strangest thing. Usually there are two elderly sisters sitting against the wall, magazines propped on their laps. Sometimes one or the other will gather the strength to pick one up and extend it towards passerby. Yesterday, there was a younger woman standing with the magazines in English and Spanish. Upon closer examination, she was wearing pants and sneakers, with makeup slathered across her face. Then it dawned on me she was mimicking the Witnesses hoping to cash in on the magazines. She had the same bored expression on her face and held the magazines at chest level. I don't know if she was successful or not but it was an innovative form of panhandling. Then I imaginged the sisters who "placed" these magazines relating the experience of the homeless woman who approached them and was so thirsty for the "truth," she took them in two languages!

  • shera

    Kinda sad really ,that a homeless person takes the mags,just for she can pretend shes a JW to live.

  • Elsewhere

    That's an all-time new low... I guess she was over her limit at the blood bank.

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