The Incessant Drumbeat

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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    My wife just got back from her meeting, left the latest Kingdom Ministry on the table for me to look at; alas it's another neurotic, unremitting helping of guilt-slathering and ``Do more, do more, and then more.'' Reonounce all personal comforts and ambitions to the vital task of alerting your fellow humans to the ``fact" that unbeknownst to men, Jesus stealthily assumed rightful rulership of the earth almost 90 years ago and will intervene here any time now.

    And the 04/01/03 Watchtower? Another tiresome example of what passes for ``spiritual food" these days... a familiar pattern to the material: behavior modification usually in the study articles, (this issue, it's ``mildness" that's the buzzword), a sort of regression to the once-discredited ``character development" of Russell; the usual dose of self-praise, usually by milking the examples of guileless but courageous JWs holding up against persecution (this time, they've given the Nazis a month off, and now it's Soviet communism as the principal villain); capped off by the pathetic life --if that's what it can be called -- history of some doddering old couple who squandered any chance for fulfilment and personal attainment in favor of poverty and a life of knocking on doors . Ah, plus ca sa change.....

  • ozziepost

    I feel for you in your difficult situation. As you may know, the Borg has created havoc in our family relationships too. Those "in" must be suffering terribly. Your wife must be really "torn" between her loyalty to you and to the "organisation".

    There are so many of us!

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Thanks Oz for your commiseration..... My love to you and your wife; having her at your side no doubt ameliorates the pain of alienation from so many others; family, offspring, erstwhile friends. In my case, my wife and at least three of my five children and two sons-in-law are sure I've taken leave of my senses.

  • heathen

    Room 215 -- I feel for you man and don't think I could live with someone like that . It just seems to escape them that jesus was king of heaven and earth prior to his ascention in 33 CE. I suggest you don't bring it up unless you are willing to sit and listen thru a bunch half witted explainions that amount to half truths and lies . Then when they finally realize their error be prepared for the term New light to come right out their ass.

  • minimus

    Room, just for fun, why not express to her the wonderful "gems" that you read in that article? Maybe if she heard you recite what she actually reads, it might embarrass her a little. You can say, "Oh, how wonderful" every so often and stick in, "ooh, that's sooo encouraging, dear."

  • blacksheep

    Jesus took up general management 90 years ago? I'd say he doesn't seem to be a self-starter: what's he been doing all those years??

    Seriously, it must be hard to have those WTS pubs under your nose (conveniently placed of course). Years ago whenever I went over to my mom's house, I'd pick up one and read it just for the laugh. Honestly, I found I couldn't read it: I don't know if it was the sleep-inducing rhythm of the words, the quirky sentence construction, or just the non-sensicle nature of language which took scriptures and events out of context and guide readers into a clearly NON-logical conclusions, but I just cannot stomach them, even for a laugh. They weren't worth the waste of my time.

    Guess I've been out too long!

  • wannaexit

    Room 215,

    Up until about 9 months ago, I was like your wife. My husband (Apocalypse) has known the real truth about the troof for many years. I could not see it. I know now how hard and frustrating it was for him. We were really living divided. Now my eyes are opened. I've seen things for myself. Perhaps your wife and kids will see it too. I feel for you.

    Don't forget to give her little tid-bits. That's what my husband did to me. He would ask a pointed question, and leave it . For example he asked me: Since Jesus has been ruling since 1914 how many years are left of his 1000yr rule?., or what is a blood fraction and why do you think the society allows them now? Did you know Watchtower is affiliated with UN? Often I would burst out with anger. But I would churn these in my mind.

    Deprogramming takes a long time. Especially if Its the only thing you've known. It took a long time for me. Finally my eyes really opened up. Now I don't know how I could not see it before. Perhaps your wife and family will some day see it too.

    Take care


  • blacksheep

    Wow, Wanna Exit, I'm glad you were deprogrammed. It really takes a big person to admit it. I wish my mom would do the same thing, but she seems to be way too invested. All these years my unbelieving dad would take humorous stabs at the JW's. I think it was his way of also getting his children to question it (my dh pointed that out to me). I am sure it did help plant some seeds so that I was more confident that the whole thing was a sham. What your dh did is more constructive, probably.

    Funny, I just read an interesting article on another board. I got confirmation about my earlier observation of the JW lit's sleep-inducing, strange texts that now turn me off. He's a linguist and he made the same observation about reading their texts...

    So it's not just me..

  • Magneto

    I'm concerned myself, because my girlfriend is an un-baptised member of a JW congregation. I find any number of things wrong with thier teachings, and the contradictions of thier teaching -vs- thier business dealing through thier Watchtower Inc. business front, bad comedy at best. My concern is how best to expose her to this, she and her mother are the only JWs in her family, and I'm concerned for thier emotional and physical well beings, given that the rational mind can conclude that these peiople are up to no good in one sense or another.

    If only I could just remind myself 30 years from now to send a Terminator back in time to wipe out the originators of this "religion". But then again we'd not be having this conversation would we? :)

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