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  • stephenw20

    I have counted the days of my life
    and found myself short,
    for I have wasted a day here and there,
    To value each and every moment, takes time you see
    Education must first be had
    Stumbling will no doubt occur

    With more than a third of it gone
    I am left to contemplate my existence,
    the moment, the one,
    for to sit and pass on one moment, but pick others ,
    are we not looking through rose colored glasses?

    What gives a moment value
    what makes one more memorable than the next or past
    When we assign value , where does it come from
    Accomplishment, sharing ,learning , loving
    Which of theses is the greatest.

    Tick tick tick


    This was written for a person who was @ a crossroads , as I remember.......

    in the glass sits water ,cubes floating , midriff
    it is the age old story, half empty or half full ,so it appears
    look again,there is so much more there,
    in this glass, sits the answers for each days questions,
    the ice is melting,making the water colder,
    yes it is undeniable, you say ,
    from what we know or have been taught...........
    open your mind, release boundaries of feeling

    is the water perhaps warming up the ice,
    causing held beliefs and frigid experiences to vanish
    allowing from its being, the healing , making the watermark rise
    increasing substance, removing that which causes division in us
    pour a glass, drop the cubes in, put it on display
    the water embraces the ice , flows around it ,
    each cube forms to the next over time, yet fights to be on top

    view it from all perspectives,
    see the ability of the water to dissolve the ice,
    flowing fully fluid,more of ourselves,
    quenching the thirst within

    ice water warm.........anyone?

    Love is Nature....

    Stand in the ocean,
    stop the waves,
    take in the sunshine,
    stop the rays,
    run around in the rain,
    try to duck between a drop,
    bend to smell the flowers,
    the bloom you fail to stop,
    see the birds high in the sky,
    wings are to hold them as the fly,
    Nature is a mother to one & to all,
    teaching us to walk and occasionally we fall
    to stop nature would be an impossible thing to do,
    like changing the vastness of the oceans color so blue
    it is the same with a heart where there is love
    like nature, it is out of our hands and from above.

    for nature and love are together thou’ two
    they ‘ve been here since the beginning
    and will be here until the days are through.


    Bore me,
    Feed me,
    Clothe Me,
    Nourish Me,
    Bandage my skinned knee,
    Listen to my wants,
    supply my needs,
    Be there for better or worse,
    teach me love,
    show me affection,
    protect me,
    all these words are one,


    The tortured soul seeks solace
    in the arms of the many,
    the depth of its pain overshadowed
    by less than fitting words

    the insatiable soul seeks refuge
    amongst the vastness of the earths orbit
    never finding the love it so needs
    searches the heavens for answers

    the lost soul looks
    to the ground for it s answers
    the layers of the ground
    add to the the darkness

    the satisfied soul bears fruition
    from the endless journey ....within
    the joy realized is
    that of knowing the depth of ones trueself

    the soul

  • Wounded Heart
    Wounded Heart

    i really enjoyed these....i esp liked the "water ice warm" and "love is nature" writings. thanks for sharing these. im off to look for others by you. :o)

    Wounded Heart

    Love by giving to & accepting others unconditionally = true, pure love

  • stephenw20

    I had a creative spurt a little over a year ago.and it just all came out.......

    "Ice water warm "was written for my OLDER brother..hehehe!!

    hope he remembers !

  • crossroads

    Hey little brother, OLDER in capitals real nice just
    remember who Sommer thought was younger and
    she's related. Guys it's not like i'm 1 year older
    i'm 7 years older and most people think I'm the

    Stephen good morning you know that you are the best.
    Trully the most beloved of my brothers.
    Have a great day little brother it's the only one HE's
    Peace and Love

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