I Don't think the jw kids today are afraid of the Elders or the Governing Body, like the jw kids of pre-internet era.

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  • pistolpete

    Something I've notice with Born in jw kids posting on reddit, is that they have no problem telling off the elders. This generation of born in JW kids just have no fear of who the elders represent because they know from researching on the internet, that Jehovah is a created character by ancient people, and no different OR REAL, than Thanos.

    These kids know exactly what's going on with the Child sexual abuse in the organization. They also have read and memorized the Elder's book online. They also know all the doctrinal flip-flops throughout the years of the organization including the false date of 607.

    This unique situation among the young jws is the result of the internet and all the information out there on the Watchtower Organization.

    These kids won't be wasting their life pioneering, reaching out to be MS or Elders, and jw girl won't be looking to marry a Ministerial Servant like Tony Morris said is a must.

    Most of them are just waiting their time out until they turn 18 and move out.

    So here is one experience by a teen that was forced to attend a shepherding call by three elders via Zoom to see if she had done something needing judicial meeting.


    As you all know convention is today, so yesterday I had a virtual shepherding call. Not one or two BUT THREE elders joined to talk with me. Normally I would of been intimidated but now after some critical thinking I never knew why they scared me before.

    The entire meeting they kept trying to bait me. They kept digging into my past to try and get a response to validate there pestering. But I stayed stone faced and gave quick and precise answers.

    Finally one elder asked me to explain in my own words why I don’t like following the Borg. They tried to joke, this is the best option haha. I was waiting for this question.

    I absolutely tore into them, on the child abuse and sexual assault in the Borg that’s covered up, the unlawful and immoral practices taken by a large majority of the elders at my hall etc.

    They were so stunned until that cliche older elder got heated and tried to yell at me that I’m letting satan corrupt me and I don’t have much longer left and this comes from a place of love.

    My response was, don’t gaslight me. They all got so flustered and tried to say it wasn’t gaslighting. So I pulled up the definition. That led to more “not” gaslighting until I just told them I felt pity for them.

    They were shocked I said this so I took my time to explain why. I told them, I feel pity because I look on your faces and I see the regret. Your old men now devoted your entire lives to this but I cannot say any of you are happy.

    All you do is sit there and judge others and put them down to make yourself feel powerful. Well let me tel you something, none of you have any actual power than what we give you. If everyone collectively stopped listening to elders what power do they have to enforce anything?

    None, just old men desperately to hold onto power but you can do nothing. So i feel pity for all of you. Your not happy but your in so deep you convince yourself your happy to not live with the knowledge that you wasted your life away.

    After that they just all went quiet and said they’ll pray for me and an elder kicked me off of the zoom link. I was scared I’d get in trouble but my parents told me they were happy I didn’t stoop to that certain elders level and get emotional(they thought he was too extreme) but they ofc were pissed i didn’t suddenly convert back.

    I only was able to do this due to this sub and a few of you who I’ve befriended outside of reddit. So thank you all for the help and advice and experiences to motivate me to finally stand up for myself.


  • DesirousOfChange

    Wow! Way to go!

  • waton
    Most of them are just waiting their time out until they turn 18 and move out.

    pp. and they are encouraged to move out because the elders are afraid of the elders . The parents that are elders that is, -- because one little faux pas by the kid while living at home will cost the parent their prestigious position. Other elders gleefully pouncing at the chance to remove a competitor.


  • waton
    They also know all the doctrinal flip-flops throughout the years of the organization including the false date of 607.

    pp: true, and they dont care, not here anyway, in fact blame the older generation, now old and elders for that mess.

    history repeats itself. German kids, living in the debris of the nazi kult, did not blame bomber command or the US Air Force for the ruins outside, but the older generation.

    The new generation has to live, and hope to rise like phoenix from the wt doctrinal ruins the older elders left them.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I agree with every word said but don't forget, this was self reported. It may have become somewhat more colorful in the telling. If this is an accurate report of the conversation then I applaud the writer.

  • Overrated

    When I was a Jw kid and "forced" to be one. I did my best to stay clear of elders. I was never afraid of those assholes. They where comical to watch as the pranks I would pull on them.

  • oppostate

    The yang-wans I've seen growing up from babies in the Congregation, and are staying in, don't generally want to make waves. Many are happy just to go on being luke warm JWs or leading a double life and when they get married the want their parents to be as grandparents should be to their kids.

    But then there are those who can't live the charade any longer and act up. The b0rg as an institution would rather rid itself of these woke rebels who would never contribute a dime.

    The wishy-washy ones who might not contribute are allowed to inflate the numbers and make parents happy they aren't DF'ed like so many other JW youths.

    Then there are the heavily in true believers in the b0rg who act like exemplar pioneers and get the Circuit Assembly doctored and partly made up interviews. Those are the type the b0rg loves. Those might be the ones who will varry the b0rg into the next decades unless that is these also wake up as happened with so many a burnt out JW poster child who finally look behind the curtain and google Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • jwundubbed

    This generation of born in JW kids just have no fear of who the elders represent because they know from researching on the internet, that Jehovah is a created character by ancient people, and no different OR REAL, than Thanos.

    I don't think I would be afraid of them either. When I was a kid, the governing body was all powerful because you couldn't see them. They were actually kind of like God. And their power trickled down. I can't take any man in the JW religion seriously after having watched any Stephen Lett video. He is cartoonish. He patronized all his followers like they are wittle childwen. If I had seen a single one of his videos when I was in, I would have been done. Over and out. The Wizard of Oz came across as more realistic than Lett does. How can you think GOD has anything to do with any of them with a man like that speaking the way he does and using the facial antics and the exaggerated body language that he uses? Of course there is no fear. When you show the faces and name the names, you take away the fear of the thing itself.

  • smiddy3

    I think the G.B. have done the R&F JW`s especially the younger ones a great service in having Stephen Lett do the videos.They, unlike older ones,haven`t invested a lifetime and money in slaving for men instead of worshiping a god of the bible.

    Many of the oldies can`t bring themselves to admit they have been conned their whole life and their pride won`t allow them to admit that.They have eyes but they cannot see,they have ears but they cannot hear and they have a brain that they refuse to use ,they are quite content to let let the GB men do their thinking for them.

    Yet it is so easy to research the TTATT about Jehovah`s Witnesses using the internet now.But will they do it ? NO

    And that is very sad.

  • Phizzy

    I was a JW kid long before the Internet, a G.B or Elders ! Born in the early 1950's the Watchtower Org. was headed by a President, with different levels of management under him, down to "Congregation Servants".

    We were not afraid of anybody, from the President down, but we did try not to get Disfellowshipped, for obvious reasons.

    I grew up always questioning the WT teachings and claims, and when I moved Congregations joined with a bunch of guys similar to me, we took no shit from the Org, C.O's were seen as a nuisance who would move on eventually.

    But we were exceptional, the rest of the Congregations around us towed the line, and were in fear of the Org's authority over them, I guess the people in those Congs. in turn spawned kids with that fear ?

    The kids I have come in to contact with who have left, or are PIMO, have no fear, apart from the one of being DF'd. I guess most young ones have now "seen behind the curtain".

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