Charles Darwin appreciation thread

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  • unsure

    Charles Darwin was a gift to humanity.

    He was a brave and brilliant man who revolutionized our understanding of life on earth.

    Since leaving the cult of Jehovah's Witnesses, he has become one of my personal heroes.

    Thank you Charles Darwin.

  • steve2

    I love Charles Darwin. I bought his latest CD and can say it is so much better than Ed Sheeran's latest one. I think 2019 will be Charles Darwin's year.

  • LV101

    I, too, appreciate Mr. Darwin - thank you, Cofty, Terry, Simon and all others who helped me see the light.

    That's quite an unusual CD comparison -- Darwin/Sheeran! I really like Sheeran (and the song 'Perfect' is PLAYED constantly) but I agree Darwin's CD has to be better.

  • Earnest

    You can access his correspondence here, and visit his home here (if you are near London, UK).

  • Vidiot

    Nice crib.

    Good legacy.

  • cofty

    I too admire Darwin. I took this picture of grave of Darwin's daughter Annie in Malvern couple of years ago. It was Annie’s death that finally ended his ability to believe in god. He was unable to bring himself to attend the funeral. He brought her here in the hope water treatment might save her.

  • unsure

    Thanks all for the posts.

    @Earnest - Thank you for the links.

    @Cofty - Thank you for sharing your photos. His daughters death ending his belief in God really caught my attention. In my opinion, it points to the absence of a loving God and steers me towards athiesm more and more.

  • LV101

    I agree, unsure, re/absence of a loving god. I recall Cofty posting about Darwin's daughter previously and we're so fortunate he takes the time to re-post important info.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    You can't mention Charles Darwin without including a word for Alfred Wallace.

    Wallace was a contemporary of Darwin who independently arrived at the theory of evolution via natural selection.

    Both men deserve appreciation, IMO.

  • Onager

    Charles Darwin is ok I guess... :)

    I prefer Alfred Russel Wallace though. He was more of a boots on the ground naturalist and not as obsessed with barnacles as Darwin. He also (possibly) came up with natural selection before Darwin, which spurred Darwin into publishing Origin, so even if he wasn't first, he certainly played a part.

    It's this quote, from his book The Malay Archipelago that really made me like him though:

    "The beauty and brilliancy of this insect are indescribable, and none but a naturalist can understand the intense excitement I experienced when I at length captured it. On taking it out of my net and opening the glorious wings, my heart began to beat violently, the blood rushed to my head, and I felt much more like fainting than I have done when in apprehension of immediate death. I had a headache the rest of the day, so great was the excitement produced by what will appear to most people a very inadequate cause."

    That butterfly (species) now bears his name, Wallace's Golden Birdwing.

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