Hey, Jerry Anderson, email me!

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  • Roger Kirkpatrick
    Roger Kirkpatrick

    Jerry Anderson has been trying to reconnect with me. He sent me the following message on this forum, which he checks once in a while. Jerry, email me at [email protected]

    <<Hey Rodger, sorry for the late reply. Yes, I remember you well. My name is Jerry Anderson. I was going to court reporting School when I knew you. I still remember Denise and Barry working in your store. I touched base with Denise about 6 years ago. She seems to be doing okay. I left the JW's about 25 years ago. I was trying like heck 2 to win a two-year-long religious debate at work with a Southern Baptist coworker to bring him into the organization. When he hit me with all of our false prophecies, which I verified in our own Kingdom Hall Library which had every single Watchtower back to the first edition, I had to admit he won. I followed up with some discussions with the leadership at Bethel but they did not want to answer my questions. I ended up leaving and lost my marriage, all my friends and most of the members of my own family like my mother, and my brothers and sisters.. however, over time I got my sisters and brother out. I call myself a free range, cage free, organic Christian now. Sorry you are having to go through the difficulties you are suffering because you do not want to compromise your ethics to the Watchtower.>>

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