Pay Attention to Yourselves and all the Flock

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  • Elsewhere

    I was browsing through the "Flock" book and stumbled across something very interesting. Sometimes I read a post where someone prevented the elders from making an announcement of a person being Disassociated by making legal threats.

    Here is what I came across:

    UNIT 5 (c) - 141 An announcement is usually made that the individual has
    disassociated himself from the congregation, and the
    person should be told orally about his position. If for
    some extenuating reasons no announcement is made,
    persons in the congregation who might be visited by the
    disassociated person may be informed privately. The
    individual should be treated as one who is
    disfellowshipped. See Unit 5 (a), pages 101-2.

    It looks like they have express written instructions to violate a person's clergy privilege.

  • JH


    So it seems that your are disfellowshipped even if no announcement is made.

    Now why would they go out of their way to write that?

    Legal reasons???

  • JH

    These extenuating reasons must have been too extenuating to write down. Their flock book is full of legal documents love.

  • Valis

    So I suppose the congo my parents go to could tell them I was disfellowshipped and that would be good enough for them? AND this would be a directive from the society for them to shun even though they didn't play by their own rules? What's the use in even fighting a disfellowshipping then if they have no regard for one's privacy? Perhaps they asusme that one leaving the JWs is proof enough of guilt...


    District Overbeer

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