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  • happy man
    happy man

    Intresting qestion, isnt internet the perfeck way to find peopel all over the world?

    aspecilay young how we not meet in sevice?

    I think I must write to GB and tell them this enormus news, it will bee a very high increase in ours , you now time on internet goo so fast, only today I have been out fore 3 ours talking widh diffrent peopel, from all over, perhaps I can report as ax pionj this month?

    And our CO is very happy when he see how many ours I as former elder have done, I am realy an exampel for evryone, not eing bitter and leave the truth, so you see, internet is a very blessing thing fore evryone, isnt it?

  • SixofNine

    You might just get there yet, Happy Man. [;)]

  • pettygrudger

    Happy - all you have to do is put an appropriate scripture & statement in your signature line -then you can count it as sharing the "good news" - and report your time accordingly. Don't be dishonest - at least leave everyone with a scripture - that's only stretching it just a teensy bit!

  • rocketman

    Yep, it's just one more form of communication. Go for it Happy Man.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    It would also be an excellent way for JW pedophiles to fulfill their obligatory "witnessing" without putting children at risk. Of course, any "Bible studies" would be conducted on-line also.

    It's all win-win for the Watchtowr, I'm sure they'll go for it in a BIG way!

  • JeffT

    So how much time does one count? The time you spend typing it, the amount of time it stays on the front page, or multiply the number of views times an average length of time it takes to read it?


    Good for you HappyMan,milk it for all it`s worth.Don`t forget to count the time it took you to make your post,and all the time people spent viewing your thread..You are well on your way to becoming SuperDub..WBTS will be sending you your tights and cape in the mail..LOL!...OUTLAW

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