PORTUGAL: In-depth news investigation about Jehovah's Witnesses and shunning

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  • EdenOne

    "Observador" the leading online daily newspaper in Portugal, published today an in-depth investigation about the practice of shunning by the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Starting with the ongoing petition that I have submitted to collect signatures, the investigative reporter Tânia Pereirinha details how the Branch is organized, who is who in the local Branch Office, the history of the Organization, the pedophilia scandals, interviews lawmakers and the person responsible for the overseeing of the Law of Religious Freedom, and the focuses on four life stories of people who were shunned. One of those stories is of our very own TJ Curioso, who posts in this forum.


    "THEY KILLED ME WHILE I WAS STILL LIVING - THE HELL OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES" is the name of the article. The graphics are really well done. Some bits of damning videos of the Organization are included. Must watch!

  • doubtfull1799

    Any way to get an English translation?

  • EdenOne

    I'm a bit tired today, I will try to do that tomorrow with a little help of Google to speed up things.

  • poopie

    Go Eden go.

  • EdenOne

    The petition is now over 800 signatures

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    This is exciting news - can´t wait to get access to it all on a real computer.

    Well done Eden One and Tânia Pereirinha TJCurioso and all !

    200 more signatures coming right up...

  • Listener

    Sounds like Tania has presented a professional report by listing so much detail about the organisation that probably most JWs in Portugal don't know but can easily confirm to be correct. This helps to make her sound credible and that she has done her homework.

    You're doing a great job EdenOne and I hope it is able to help JWs.

  • TJ Curioso

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