Still preaching?

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  • Introspection

    It seems to me that many who have left the hive seem to want to do a sort of "anti-preaching", to proclaim the evils of the society, religion, whatever. I agree that certain issues need to be made known to the public, but my question is about how we do it. If we're preachy about it, how effective are we likely to be? Might it be a sign that we still have some JW conditioning in us?

  • joelbear

    I don't think it is preaching as much as it is sharing. So much bottled up for so long when released tends to come out in abundance.

    I don't post here to try and influence other people to join me on some crusade, other than a crusade for us to be happier.

    I share my thoughts and hope they help someone. I know others thoughts here help me.



  • Introspection

    Thanks Joel. I must say that those on this site have been pretty good in this regard compared to some others and public chats, and I just have to remember that everyone is just at a different stage. I hope the open exchange continues to help all who are breaking free.

  • neyank

    Hi Intro,
    I think preaching is when someone is stating a certain viewpoint
    with no room for differences of opinion.
    I don't think people here, for the most part fit into that catagory.
    As joelbear said, it's mostly people sharing their findings about the WTS.

    And of course, we can discuss different aspects of the org. pro or con here.
    That's something we were never alowed to do when we were part of it.


  • blueviceroy

    I'm exceedingly preachy about my message.

    Would you like to hear it? LOL!

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