Going to a City Council Meeting tonight.

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  • Sadie5

    Looks like it is going to be interesting. One family has owned a certain property since 1932. One of the family members and his wife place a single wide mobile home on part of it in 1984. At the time it was outside the city limits and in a rural setting.

    The city has grown over the past two decades and has annexed a lot of rural property. So now the land is in city limits. (they don't even ask us, they just annex)

    the man and his wife decided to move out the single wide and purchase a larger mobile home(it's actually a manufactured home) the city say no, they only want mobile homes in parks. He can keep his old mobile home there(grandfather clause) but if the older home is moved, he cannot replace it with another mobile home.

    So the man and his wife are stuck, they cannot afford and do not desire to build a home, they wanted the double-wide. They can only leave their old trailer there.

    They are going to fight it out tonight.

    Personally I think they should let the couple do what they want to with their land. They never asked to be in the city limits, and a new double wide has got to look more attractive than a 20 year old single wide.

    Looks like an interesting evening.


  • ThiChi

    What State do you live in? In California, there is a State Law that allows Mobile homes as long if they place a pitch roof on the top. Also, generally, properties that are annexed usually have a grandfather status until they sell or renovate.

    If anything, appeal to the City Council any staff decision , bring friends to the meeting, call the paper (good story), and ask for a copy of the code they are citing. Remember, Government is 90% bluff.

  • CoonDawg

    Exactly...get as many bodies as you can...pack the meeting place w/ your supporters. I ran into that problem too once. I ended up selling...(at a profit, incidentally). But, I was faced with the same decision and I opted not to fight.

    Good luck!


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