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  • Bobo

    Does anyone have any info on the whereabouts of You-Know? I haven't heard from our prophet in some time. I'd be very interested in hearing what his status is in his local congregation. Additionally, I would really appreciate knowing the latest date for our destruction.


  • Celia

    Hello Bobo, welcome !

    You've been on the board only a month or so and you know about YouKnow ? You must have been a long-time lurker then... because our dear Bobby hasn't posted (at least not under his name) for quite a while.. .. .. .. .. .. .. Bobo, Bobby, Robert, Bob... Hmmmmmm...............

  • Bobo

    Let me correctly identify myself................ I changed computers, and did not keep my password, I am GLASSEYE, a longtime H20 and now JWD lurker,, ?? Perhaps. However, I am a longtime foe of You-Know and had dedicated much to descredited him. COMF and Farkle and many others can vouch.

    BoBo aka GLASSEYE

  • Ginosko

    It's almost of public knowledge that you can ask him questions in e-watchman URL

  • AlanF

    So far as I remember, You Know last posted on this board sometime in the summer of 2002. Personally, I think he's been concentrating his efforts on the E-Watchman website, although some posters here may disagree.

    I'm not at all surprised about You Know's retreat to his own website. For several years he's made noises about making a website where his ideas would get the kudos they deserve. Naturally, he allows no rebuttals to his silly claims.


  • Valis

    *LOL*...Trolling for trolls...


    District Overbeer

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