Egocentric support?

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  • Introspection

    I thought this would be a good topic as many who are still sorting through the JW experience do not seem to see that their newly adopted worldview is just that, their own. While I can understand how some would want to just "vent", I fail to see how such behavior helps anyone. We all know that as JWs we went along with what others told us to believe, yet it seems to me that beneath many posts of self expression, there's a subtle tendancy to be pushy, even preachy. Mind you, I don't see this being limited to those who still hold religious beliefs in some way. Granted this is my own observation, but I just wanted to point out the simple fact that telling people what you think does not encourage them to think for themselves. It may be that sometimes the best course of action is to leave them alone, I for one didn't have any support when I left, and I am just fine now. If we do want to help, lets have their best interest in mind. It's a shame that many otherwise intelligent people seem to be operating out of what Jean Piaget described as pre-operational thought. I don't believe these adults are really limited in their development, but lets be adults and treat each other like adults.

  • Tina

    Hi Intro,
    I must say,quite the contrary.
    Presenting info,different opinions and perspectives has been helpful to many. No one 'tells' anyone to be or do-diverse thoughts are simply presented.
    I know I found it helpful. Diverse ideas led me to research,thus learning on a global level. These boards are all about the exchange of views,perspectives,etc. It's all about communicating.
    The ideas ,thoughts,research are put out here. What anyone does with it is their own business.
    New ideas/perspectives are often unpopular and uncomfortable for some.....they're in a complacent 'comfort zone'......the point in presenting other views is to stimulate and challeng thinking.
    Many people I know here received thanks and appreciation for their time and effort in sharing info. These exchanges have helped some to leave the org.
    I remember Piaget had him in Child dev&Psych-Erikson is my fav. regards,Tina

  • emyrose

    Hi friend,
    I may be wrong, but I think you are misreading
    people's strong opinionated remarks as preachy.
    Even if some are pushing their philosophies, it may
    be ones some of us really need or want. Please,
    remember that even if someone shares their dogmatic views
    they don't have the power to inflict the damage that
    the Society does with disfellowshipment. So is there really any danger here.
    Live and let live. Besides I doubt that anyone who
    is breaking free or has broken free from a cult will
    readily accepted just anything.
    Your Friend, Emyrose

  • stephenw20


    Some here I feel are at times preachy, self included.......its not always intentional, some are real passionate about what has happened to them , and while the information they present may be real opinionated...I am not sure if its about making them feel better as it is an attempt to share there demise with others, to help the seeker .......

    Many have not had the benefit of outside reading of mystical authors or even independent thinkers, and coming from the WTBTS.... there is along road to get to independent thinking.

    Its all part of the tapestry.... yours , mine, our neighbors.....its hoped we learn... from the" intention" of the message even if the words may not be always perfect......

    just my 2ยข


  • Introspection

    Thanks everybody, I needed to see the other side of the coin on this. I guess I myself am a little too attached in a way with all these heart breaking stories, but really what the individual does with the info is up to them.

  • goo

    introspection i need eccentric support. goo

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