Shoveling The White Stuff

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  • Sentinel

    We have 15 inches of snow here. These days, there are no kids knocking on the door asking if they can shovel snow for money. I wish there were. I did plenty of it when I was young, and it was a good way to make some extra bucks. I think those days are gone. Even the kid next door, who is a scout didn't offer. I heard him whining while "assisting" his parents with their own driveway. After waiting until late yesterday for the big plow to show up, to clear the subdivision, we went out together at four in the afternoon. Everyone was out moving the white stuff around, from here to there, so they could move cars out of garages, and keep walkways and front porches clear. It was a task that we could not ignore.

    I shoveled steady for about ninety minutes. The snow was hard due to all the sleet on snow. Then, I just told hubby I needed a break. I wasn't tired, so much as wet and cold. I came in and he continued on. About another hour later, I went out again to help him. Together we got about 80% of the job done by seven o'clock. We cleared enough to get one car out of the garage. The street was by no way cleared, just swiped a couple times. But, we did have to make a trip to the store to find the basics like milk and bread, etc. We came back home to find that the driveways were nearly plowed "back in" again. I just backed up a bit, and floored it, and drove right through about a foot of loose snow.

    Today, I'm actually not feeling it too badly...just a bit stiff. This surprises me, since I basically have a desk job, and quite frankly do not get enough physical exercise these days. And, they always warn folks not to over-do because it could bring on a heart attack. Aside from a few blisters, we are none the worse for our efforts. In fact, I feel really great today, and I slept like a log last night.

  • NeonMadman

    Only 15 inches? Piece of cake! Here in North Jersey, we got nearly 2 feet. When I looked out the window yesterday before the plow guy came, I couldn't even see our cars, just bumps in the snow. Then it continued to snow lightly all night, and this morning, there were another 2 or 3 inches on the plowed areas. Just got back in from shoveling a little while ago...

  • Sentinel

    Yes, you are having the snow like what we used to get when I lived all those years in Maryland. Two feet and more, on many occasions that I can remember. There was snow on the ground all winter long. I remember a blizzard that occured in April one time, I believe in '58. Vehicles in the driveway totally covered for days. We had to dig to find them.

    We have been rather spoiled since living in Virginia, with very little snow in the past several years. Last blizzard was in '96. We are very thankful for all the moisture going into the ground, as we've had a draught situation for some time. This will be good for the farmers. Hope there won't be too much flooding as it begins to rapidly melt away.

    Take care now, and don't over-do with the shoveling.

  • Shakita

    Hi Sentinel:

    We got about 18 inches here in Jersey. We just got out of our driveway this afternoon. We were all getting cabin fever!

    Hurt my shoulder shoveling the car out of the stuck trying to leave the driveway! It is feeling better now.

    Should be near 50 degrees come the weekend......then we are supposed to have rain on top of all this snow!

    I just got done talking to my brother in Houston and he says the weather there is jealous!

    Mrs. Shakita(looking forward to spring

  • Scully

    Mrs. Shakita....... where was MR. Shakita while you were shovelling the driveway??? Use some ice packs on your shoulder so it doesn't stiffen up with inflammation, in the meantime, and make sure you take something for the pain. "Frozen shoulder" (bursitis) is not fun... been there, done that.

    Considering how, as JWs we were so accustomed to shovelling so much brown stuff, I would think that shovelling the white stuff would be a lot easier on the conscience....

    Love, Scully

  • Shakita


    Mr. Shakita was right by my side shoveling away. In fact, he did the majority it!

    Thanks for your concern. My shoulder feels better. I just hope that this is the last of the major snow storms for this season. Looks like with the torrential rains coming this weekend, we are in for some major flooding next!!! They have even said that next week we might see alittle more snow......

    Mrs. Shakita

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