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  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    If I wrote to the United Nations about the JW's being NGO members at one time, would they reply in the affirmative on their letterhead? My Mom thinks that just because I sent her a "scanned" copy that it is just hackers out to destroy Jehovah's organization. Doesn't this sound stupid? She also told me that the United Nations, instead of attempting to destroy his Organization, would be better off trying to teach people about the Bible. Makes sense, right? <screws face up>

    Country Girl

  • Rihannsu

    You should tell your mom that UN is not stupid, If they want to find something out about any organization or religion they have the means too. Its just unfortuntely called brainwashing and fear that makes your mom say this. I know, because my mom is the same way.

  • Francois

    I heard the same vacuous responses to C of C and all the copies of letterhead materials in there.

    There is none so blind as he who will not see.


    Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without an accordian

  • Celia
    Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without an accordian

    Francois, I love you, you know that....

    As this has nothing to do with this thread, I will not say that France, the French, are not the only ones not wanting this war Bush is so keen on... You have heard about the hundreds of thousands of people all around the world and here in the USA protesting against it this last week-end, haven't you ?

  • joannadandy


    Of course your mom has a right to be skeptical. Lots of things have been forged on the internet...look how many scams are floating around out there...however her blind obedience to her high-control religion will always keep her skeptical and in the dark. I feel for ya, I really do. I think about the only thing you can do would be to let her do the digging for herself...if she is unwilling to do that, her skepticisim will always side with Jehovah...

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