Okay, here is my problem...

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  • christopherceo

    ...with my beliefs: what IS our ultimate goal in serving God? Heaven? Living forever on earth? Or what? I would like to know what it is I should be working toward, although I don't really consider myself a religious person anymore. It's this conflict of doctrine thing, heaven or earth? Heaven would be the greatest reward for living your life the way God wants but living forever on earth is what adam / eve would be doing if they had not screwed up. My grandmother is 105 as of 01-25-03. She has read the bible her entire life and she thinks we will live on earth. Can somebody help me resolve this? Thanks in advance.

  • SheilaM

    Christopher: I say why sweat the small stuff This is so like a human trying to gain control over an uncontrollable eventuality. I say does it matter really the reward heaven or earth? Will that change your actions or thoughts? What if there is no there, there and only the here, here? Why not live each day according to what is right and if there is more great if not well at least you gave your all here!

    <of the if's it's a mystery why worry about it class>

  • JamesThomas

    Sheila is so right. Perhaps it's because she was born in Ogden (not likely...but perhaps).

    It has been said that "those concerned with what happens after death, that are not alive now."

    I have found that life becomes much more beautiful and meaningful when I just open to what the universe is presenting to me in this moment -- which is really all we have. Life is tingly and warm when it is lived without thinking about it.

    So, the question is not what will happen, but "what is?"



  • jgnat
    what IS our ultimate goal in serving God?

    What is God's ultimate goal in creating us? So that He can give us lots of goodies? I think He got lonely and decided to create some companions. I think He eagerly desires a close relationship with each one of us. I leave the ultimate reward up to Him, while enjoying my relationship with Him now.

    Imagine a father who has been away on a long business trip. He misses his children terribly. He picks up a few treats, as is his habit, in the airline gift shop. He arrives home, late. One child runs in to his arms "Dada Dada Dada!" She covers his face with smeary jammy kisses. Soon his jacket is a rumpled mess. His older child hangs back, darting resentful looks at his rambunctious sister. "I want you to know, father, I have been very, very good while you were gone. I completed all my homework on time, and have not stinted on any of my chores." He stares at his feet, shifting uneasily on the linoleum. "I was wondering, father, what you have brought for me?"

    If you were this father, what would you say? What would do?

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