Federal lawsuit says fingerprint check is “mark of the devil,” baring former school bus driver entry into heaven.

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    Citing the Book of Revelation - federal lawsuit says fingerprint check is “mark of the devil,” baring former school bus driver entry into heaven.

    Former bus driver files lawsuit

    JAN 23, 2017

    In the lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in Johnstown, Bonnie F. Kaite of the Juniata section of Altoona, said she was required to undergo a criminal background check 14 months ago as part of a recently passed state law.
    The background investigation included a fingerprint check.
    She told her employer, Altoona Student Transportation Inc., a for-profit company contracted by the school district to provide transportation for more than 4,500 students daily, that it was against her Christian religious beliefs to be fingerprinted.
    She cited the Book of Revelation prohibiting the “mark of the devil,” which she maintains includes fingerprinting.
    In the lawsuit prepared by Pittsburgh attorneys Samuel J. Cordes and Nicholas A. Krakoff, she stated she believes being fingerprinted will bar her entry into heaven.
    Kaite requested that her religious beliefs be accommodated and that the background check include other methods to conform to
    the law.
    “Despite Kaite’s request for an accommodation for her religious beliefs, (her employer) informed her on or around Dec. 30, 2015, that no accommodations were available and that due to her failure to comply with the fingerprinting requirement, she was terminated effective Dec. 31, 2015,” the lawsuit stated.
    She filed a religious discrimination charge with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission last March.
    The federal EEOC issued a notice of her right to sue on Oct., 31, 2016
    Interesting exactly 100 years before EEOC issued a notice of her right to sue, The Ladeocian Messenger, and "faithful and wise servant", Charles Taze Russell passed away.
  • schnell

    Fingerprints now, not bar codes or RFID tags?

    This is comparable to any Pastafarian lawsuit that's just there to make a point about religion, except this one might be sincere in its plaintiff's insanity.

  • Village Idiot
  • JeffT

    If being a school bus driver requires getting fingerprinted, and she doesn't want to be fingerprinted, she needs to look for some other kind of work.

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