Nicest people are here

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  • JH

    I find that there are many nice people on this site. Just about everyone here is nice to talk to.

    Any topic can be started, as long as there is respect, and people abid by the rules.

    People here, have a sense of humour, unlike other sites where I have posted similar threads and people stone me for being nice and humourous.

    Long life to this site

  • Gopher

    What kind of JERK would start a topic like this? I'm just kidding JH.

    I agree it's so enjoyable to have a place where you can discuss almost any issue, religious or secular, and people will engage in an honest conversation and bring new and refreshing viewpoints to the table. There are and always will be (I suppose) a few who abuse the privilege of posting out here, but they usually don't last too long out here anyhow.

    So long live the JWD forum!

  • Elsewhere
  • Seven
  • SheilaM


    I agree I have enough serious things in my life and being able to come here and joke and chill is so addictive refreshing!!!!!!!

  • Seven

    This little dude belongs in my previous post.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I agree. The people here are really nice.

    But none moreso than ... The Northern Girls.

  • gumby

    Nice of you to speak of me that way JH.....I am a nice bastard.

    I think you are sooooo right. Not to many here are too hard to get along with........only you and minimus!

    When I have looked at the shallow psuedo, painted on conversations on JW boards ( real ones) or other christian Forums( I've only looked at the latter a couple of time in my life) it's not real life. This is.

    This forum contains real people who have been hurt and rejected and had to figure life all over again and we are lucky enough to be a part of each others REAL lives. I believe we are a people unlike most others in the hand in life we were dealt. From this life come the good and the bad. I have seen very few bad here and those who seemed bad may not have really been bad deep inside.

    This is home away from home to me.


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