For those who is asking can you have a relationship with God with out the Org

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  • Alex Bogdanov
    Alex Bogdanov

    First of all. Hi everyone, sorry I didn't write or participate here for a while. My second child was born. I took time of work. Spend a lot of time with the family and travelled to my birth country - Latvia.

    Second of all this topic might be dodgy for people who fully don't believe in God.

    In Latvia I met with many of my friends including with one JW brother. I became a JW in Latvia and stopped going to the meetings when I moved to UK, so a lot of JWs from Latvia quietly keep in touch with me. This Latvian brother for many years has a desire to leave the Org, but he is afraid. So, long story short.

    Brother - Is life difficult without Jehovah?

    Me - Do you think I live without God?

    Brother - Well yeah.

    Me - Because I am not a JW doesn't mean I am without God. In fact my relationship with God became better and deeper since I left the Org. I don't need to believe in God, I know God exists. I pray to God every day. I had relationship with God before the Org. The Org was just part of my journey to understand God, but for me the Org never substituted God. Since I left the Org God never stopped supporting me. 10 years I live without calling God Jehovah. 10 years without Jehovah, the Org and the elders and I feel amazing. I married an amazing Welsh girl. I have two healthy babies. I have my own small business and I became a published Author.

    Brother - But is that Jehovah helping you?

    Me - Nobody knows what God is. The Org is only saying they know true God, but they know nothing. Just look what mess they did with all their predictions. Real God would never make such stupid mistakes and destroy peoples lives. There is God and in my opinion this God has relationship with people personally. God doesn't care what religion you are.

    Brother - So I will be fine if I leave the Org?

    Me - Yes.

    Dear JW brothers and sisters if you read this and you are afraid to lose connection with God by leaving the Org, don't be. Your relationship will only get better because between you and God there will nobody. The Org and the elders wont be in your way for you to connect with God. Be courageous and brave and dont' let the Org scare you.

  • steve2

    My dear child, you don't need to hold the teacher's hand to follow the Fairy Godmother.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Totally agree Alex. God doesn't need an organization or men in New York's approval to save, sanctify and heal.

  • Tallon

    Well said, Alex.

    PS: Congratulations on the birth of your second child.

  • redpilltwice

    With respect to all believers... well said Alex!

    I think you gave a good constructive reply that shows the many positive elements of life outside the bORG.

    Witnesses can be confused, surprised, even jealous maybe, when faced with succesful real life stories outside the bORG such as these. Almost as if it' s impossible for "doubters" and "apostates" to avoid a life of misery and failure under full satanic influence.

    When ex-JW's f*ck up their lives, it is often due to WT's disastrous abuse or shunning policies or the incapacity of born in JW' s to deal with the challenges of real life. Those stories, not the positive ones, will often be told as "warning examples", thus giving a twisted view of life outside the bORG.

    Like others on this forum already have said regularly, living a happy life is the best revenge.

    Enjoy your family and good luck with your Latvian brother!

  • mentalclarity

    People all over the world pray and have a deep relationship with God- why JW's are so arrogant as to think they are the only ones who could possibly have that is beyond me.

    I also kept my faith in God after leaving. JW's are so black and white in their thinking. It's either you are a JW or God doesn't want you.

    One of the worst things that JWs have done is convince people think that they can't have a relationship with God after they leave. I mean, if that's your choice-totally ok. But if you feel like you aren't worthy because you aren't going to some incredibly banal meetings, that's another ballgame. I really feel for those ex JWs. The ones that don't pray because they feel guilty.

    I've never felt more at peace with myself and my spirituality as now that I am outside the organization.

  • Alex Bogdanov
    Alex Bogdanov

    Steve πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

    Vanderhoven - nope, we dont need those men.😑

    Tallon - thank youπŸ˜€

    Redpilltwice - thank you. Yes, they don't like positive stories. And that brother is nearly by the exit doorπŸ˜†.

    Mentalclarity - indeed, the borg is very good at making people feel guilty and worthless πŸ˜ͺ

  • smiddy3

    At one stage J.W.`s used to point to the increases in numbers they were having as evidence of God`s blessing on them as the one "true" religion .

    Totally ignoring the fact that other religions were having as much growth and even greater growth numerically than they are and still doing so today.

    "Babylon The Great has Fallen" ,false religion so they said many years ago and that religion was becoming an empty shell.

    Despite its problems the Catholic Church still has over 1 Billion paying members ,and Protestant religions are pretty much the same , and Muslims around the world are over 1 Billion members and growing .

    And that doesn`t even take into account the non Christian religions which are still thriving today.

    So much for Babylon The great having fallen .

    Jehovah`s Witnesses today are about a little over 8 Million and their growth is apparently stagnating and in fact they are even declining in many parts of the world .

    It seems to me the only religion not getting blessed by God are Jehovah`s Witnesses ,I wonder what sins they are covering up ?

  • ttdtt

    I believe in Thor myself. He is a way cooler god.

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