Irritating JW relatives

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  • Tammie

    Hello everyone. It's been a very long time since I posted anything here. Its been a very busy time around my house. This last Christmas I went in for emergancy surgary. They removed 2 hurnated disk and fused my back in those locations. I am still moving some what slowly, but at least with out the pain. Living with out pain is a wonderful thing.

    Then in January, my youngest sister came to live with me and my family. She walked away from the JWs. She just receintly dissocated her herself. Our JW relatives do not know where she is livng. It is driving them NUTS, big time. I think, no, I know it is because they have not got a chance to tell her off like they did when I left. (For those of you who don't know she is 23 yrs of age.) She is not ready to talk to them, she is one pissed off lady. She said she will, when the time comes.

    Any way they have been hurassing a friend of her's. So she ended up calling our middle sister (there are 3 of us girls) Learned that the middle one is spreading lies. So Emma, some of you know her, called up the lying sis. and really told her off.

    What is has come down to now is I am receiving phone calls from our JW relatives. (I know this because of the little tool called caller id). They don't say a word, they just hang up. Now normally this don't really get to me, but these calls come at an hour when we are sleeping. With recovering from back surgary, getting up and around for a ringing phone call that people do not say what they want is well lets just say I'm pretty close to giving them an ear full if you all know what I mean.

  • musky

    They don't say a word, they just hang up.

    I guess I just don't understand that one. Why would certain witnesses do that to you? Oh well, By there fruits you will recognize them, huh?

    I hope your back feels better and you stop getting those annoying waste of time calls.

  • Buster

    Sounds pretty serious. Nice of you to take your sister in. My guess is that she is helping a bit too. As I was reading it, I was a bit dubious that your parents don't know she is with you. But good luck, either way.

    One idea though: If you are getting off-hour calls, and you are getting calls from people you would rather not, I think you caller ID box likely has call blocking too. If not, it isn't very expensive. You can unblock later, when you feel more up to it.

  • Gopher


    Your local phone company may have "Call Rejection". Here is one phone company's explanation of such a service. Up to 15 numbers can be on your "rejection" list for a modest fee.,1354,29_1_8,00.html

  • Scully

    Another inexpensive option is to add an "Ident-a-Call" feature to your phone line. It will mean that you get a second [and unlisted] telephone number, which you will disclose to people you WANT to hear from. Just make sure they know its NOT LISTED and CONFIDENTIAL, because you were receiving harassing calls. When they call your new number, the telephone ring pattern will be different [ring-ring] as opposed to [ringgg] for your original number. Turn off your telephone ringer at night or whenever you want to rest. If you have an answering machine, let it do its job.

    Just because you have a telephone doesn't mean you have to be a slave to it. You can ignore the calls you don't want to receive [that's what CallerID is for, right?] and answer the calls you do want.

    Love, Scully [REALLY REALLY YYYYY CallerID and Ident-a-Call Features Class]

  • PurpleV

    I would wait 5 minutes, then call them back, and when they answer put 'em on the spot and demand to know why they called you and just hung up. Tell them if they keep it up you'll take action against them for harassment.

  • Tammie

    Thank you to those of you who mentioned the caller blocker. I checked with my phone company and that is part of the services that I have. And did not know it. Thank you again.

  • Elsewhere

    I wish I could be there to see the look on their face the moment they hear the little message:

    "Your call has been properly delivered, but the number you are calling has its Call Block service activated. Calls from your number are not being accepted by the called party."

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