Why would you NOT wish somebody a Merry Christmas?

by stillin 4 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • stillin
    Would it be better if they were at home contemplating suicide? I mean, it's their holiday, not the witnesses'. Do you really become a "sharer" in something evil if you wish them a good time?
    I agree with you Stillin.
  • stillin
    Raining on somebody's parade is not very nice.
  • Phizzy

    Of course the whole JW "reasoning" about Crimble is complete and utter bollocks, but what things about the religion are not ?

    The JW's directly share in loads of stuff that is Pagan, so why not wish someone a happy time ?

    I have great pleasure in wishing all and sundry a Merry Christmas, and especially giving Seasons Greetings to my real friends, some are Jewish so Christmas is not their thing, but they celebrate their feast and happily wish us well in return, may JW's wallow in their miserable religion.

  • stillin
    I think it comes down to the old adage, "misery likes company." The Witnesses live miserable lives and want nobody else to enjoy themselves either.

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