Do they imagine that they have some sort of special powers mandate ?

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  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Do elders, or other jws, convince themselves that they have some sort of divine mandate which allows them to walk over the top of people's rights ?

    I know some jws who appear to simply do as they please, whether or not it infringes on anyone's privacy, or impacts on their lifestyle, or even their natural rights, and I've read posts here which would indicate that elders in particular may simply enter someone's home uninvited, and worse.

    What's your experiences of this imaginary authority?

  • anti-absolutism

    If all they did was come into my house, I wouldn't be so peeved. It's the fact that they got into my HEAD that is the most damaging thing.....


  • Elsewhere

    Any authority they have must be given to them.

    If you don't give them authority over you, then they have none.

    Here is the catch... you can't be a JW and not submit to the authority of the elders without running the risk of being viewed as Disassociated - shunned.

  • crinklestein

    I find it amazing that after someone is DF'd or they just fall away, that they allow other JWs to dictate to them what rules they should follow. I fell away in 1996 and renounced it in 1998 and I would be DAMNED if I was told by an elder or any other JW that I was not to do this or that and I can't go here or there and I can't to so and so. I would say, "Who the F*CK are YOU to tell ME what I can and can't do?"

    I've heard of them coming over to someone's house for a visit and when the person left the room for a moment they started searching his house for stuff to pin on him. They were even accessing his computer looking to see if he had porn on it. I'm sorry but you are in MY HOUSE! You follow MY RULES HERE! Even the police have no rights to do this without a warrent so what the F*CK do you think you're doing?!

    But some people allow others to walk all over them. They give people that have no authority full permission to do whatever they please and THAT'S where they get their power from. From the weak. Stand your ground. Get a spine and stick up for your rights as a human and don't let these soul soliciting sobs think they have control over you.

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