Cards Against Humanity

by Simon 9 Replies latest social entertainment

  • Simon

    We bought this game for xmas because it looked funny and we like board / card games.

    OMG, it's freakin' hilarious!

    It turns out too that we're really bad people. No, seriously, really bad - for playing some card as answers and then for laughing when they are read out. Like we're all going straight to hell bad. Also, out family has no sense of shame or restraint. None.

    I like to add inappropriate answers to games like Scattergories so you can imagine how this went. We'll see what our friend make of it.

    Incidentally, many people love board game night but feel bad inviting friends to play in case they think it's lame. So it's always worth asking - it's amazing how many people secretly want people to play if you only ask them.

  • millie210
    I love this game!
  • sowhatnow

    Ive played that game...

    it can be quite a challenge when your playing with people half your age...

    especially when you dont know half the slang, lol makes it more funny.

    you cant let anything embarrass you...

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Invited someone who was so sweet and such a great friend in the congregation once. She was excited to come play and have lunch with us. When she got there she said, "Oh, I play this game with my grandchildren." She clearly felt it was beneath her and we never heard from her again. lol Gotta keep that in mind. Go game night!
  • SloppyMcFloppy
    Fun fact....on the backside of the top of the box there is a bonus card, but you have to cut it out... just found this out last month!!!
  • Simon

    That's only on the bigger blacker box edition.

    I had to Google a couple of things so I guess it's educational ...

    It teaches you not to be embarrassed by anything. Anything.

  • talesin
    I noticed they have a free printable download (just use card stock). For anyone on a budget. I love board games - now, to tear other people away from their screens/headsets. LOL
  • ctrwtf
    This has become a Christmas tradition at our house. So much for peace on earth and good will to men.....they should all just M!@#$%bate into a pool of children's tears. (one of my favorite response cards)
  • Finkelstein

    Too vulgar and crude in my opinion.

    There other card games to be played that don't involve such crudeness and are just as enjoyable.

  • Wild_Thing
    I will admit to loving this game, too. It is so funny! And yes, it is a good thing there is no hell because we would be headed straight there!

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