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    Many have come in the basis of my name saying, 'I am anointed' and have misled many. All those who have come in place of me are thieves and plunderers, and the sheep have not listened to their voice. I am the good shepherd, the good shepherd surrenders his soul in behalf of the sheep. The hired man, who is no shepherd and to whom the sheep do not belong, beholds the wolf coming and abandons the sheep. The wolf comes in and scatters the sheep.

    Many have desired to come to the Son of Man wanting to be of the anointing. The Christ, who is the Son of God, calls out to the sheep to come to him. Many of them were found, bound by the hired man in his 'earthly organization.' Many who left off from touching the unclean thing desired to know the truth and remain in him. He said, 'If you remain in my word you are really my disciples, and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free." Many have desired and wanted to have that close relationship with Christ and begged to hear his voice. They wanted to know him and have the truth about God. When such is revealed to them, and the Light reveals who he is, and who the religious leaders are not.. the sheep feel betrayed. Many begin to HATE their religion because they 'see' through holy spirit that their religious men misled them and continue to mislead many. Others have given up altogether and choose to hate all religion and ANYTHING spiritual which includes the Christ. They go off and pursue their flesh and whatever excites them because they know they don't have to "answer" to any religion on earth because they are all from the Adversary. They have, however, forgotten the Christ who called out to them and loved them. Still others come to Christ with a repentant heart asking for forgiveness for all the wicked things they did because of their religion, and forgiveness is granted to them. Many are happy with this and all they want is 'life' and everlasting life is given them from the Master. They then, "go their way in peace."

    Then there are two sons. One of them after being released from the hired man desires and asks to be of the anointed. He goes before the throne of undeserved kindness and asks the Father to send forth the Christ to him that he may 'know truth' and love the Son who surrendered his soul for him. The other son does the same thing. Both sons LOVE the Father and want to know the Son, the one whom the Father loves. So the Son is given to both of them. They both hear this voice talking inside them, declaring things of the Father and the Son that were hidden from long ago. Both sons rejoice in the truth and want to know more. Both sons ask for more spiritual things to be given them, and to grow in Christ. The Christ hears them both and answers them both accordingly. Both sons ask, "I want to receive more, and I also want to do more. Please let me have a place with you among your intimate ones." Evidently both sons want more than everlasting life, so the Son answers them, "Go sell the things belonging to you, and give them to the poor. Come follow me and be my disciple and you will have treasures in the heavens." They, like the sons of Israel, say in their hearts, "All that He has spoken we are willing to do, and be obedient." So the Christ concludes a new covenant with each of them, and writes more of his law upon their hearts. He gives them the promise of a heavenly kingdom and to be his people out of all nations to become to Him and his Father a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. They are going to be a chosen race, royal priests, a people chosen for his speacial possesion that they may declare abroad the excellencies if Him who called them out from his wonderful light. Both sons are happy and rejoice at the good things that the Christ has spoken to them and say once again, "All that He has spoken we are willing to do, and be obedient."

    So then, the training begins. He tells them, "Do not disregard my discipline, and do not give out when you are corrected by me. For all whom I have affection for I discipline, for my Father scourges everyone whom he receives as a son." The Christ, who is the Light of the world, comes to them and reveals to these sons who they really are. To one son He reveals to him that he has pride, that the reason he wants to be anointed is so that he can use his 'spiritual status' to amaze those whom he knows so they can look up to him and want to come to him for the truth. The Christ also reveals how many times this son thought he knew the truth when in fact he did not, but bore false witness against the Father and the Son for the sake of looking wrong. The Christ showed this son that he was not who he thought he was, that he was not 'holy' and not 'anointed' and that he misled himself into thinking he was something different what he was not. Upon hearing these things the son grew wrathful and hurt and did not like what he heard. He began doubting that this was the Christ speaking to him and did not want to hear anything further. The son walks away grieved in his heart not wanting to let go of the things he had for the sake of the Christ. He wants to be "right" and he wants to be told that he is anointed, and holy, and there is no defect found in him. So the son leaves and finds a false Christ who says such smooth words. This son is happy upon hearing these things and is misled into following a false Christ and is enslaved all over again.. seeking to 'feel spiritual' and better than everyone else. All who have shown themselves to be "this son" proved to be false prophets, false anointed who go forth misleading more people away from Christ just as their religious leaders have done.

    To the other son, the Christ speaks the same things that he spoke to the first son. This son, upon hearing these things became grieved at his heart and realized just how wicked he really is. He was tempted with anger for being wrong and tempted to believe that the voice speaking to him was not the Christ. But the son decided to ask further being loyal to his faith saying, "Lord, what must I do?" The Christ answers him and tells him even more things he must do in order to be holy as He is holy. The son does not want to do this, but because he really believes that this IS the Christ, the Holy One of God and that there is no where nor any one WHOM he can go away to.. he sticks to the Christ. He accepts the discipline and suffers at the hands of men for the sake of Christ. This son goes through a period of feeling dejection and grief. Yet he keeps hearing that voice speaking to him. The son talks with the voice and the voice continues to talk with him. The Christ asks him to do many things and the son tries to be obedient. The son hears and learns. Everytime he obeys men persecute him, everytime he disobeys his conscience persecutes him. This son finds himself constantly seeking to approach the throne asking for undeserved kindness for his weaknesses and begging for mercy. Each time he asks, the Son gives it to him and comforts him and cleanses him with His own blood that he shed. Through this the son learns obedience from the things he suffered, and how much love and compassion the Son has, and also how much love and compassion he does not have. When the son sees his own nakedness, he goes forth repentant of his sins and begging for forgiveness from the Christ. The Christ continues to forgive him, even when he sins seven times in one day. The son learns love and through that love he is learning to love others including his enemies. The Christ, loving this son so much for his loyalty and his obedience and more importantly... his HONESTY, gives him a great blessing. He shows this son many things and loves this son and confirms it with him thorugh holy spirit. This son is made holy just as the Father is holy and the son goes forth to his brother declaring abroad the excellencies of the Christ who called him out of the darkness into his wonderful light. All who have proved to be "this son" have become the true anointed.. hated indeed by the world and rejected by men, but chosen precious with God.

    Let him who has ears, hear what the holy spirit is saying...

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