The power of myths and illusions

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  • Ginosko

    Human society needs myths and illusions for survival. Without hopes or illusions, people loses energy, and even reasons for existence. Myths provide a human social identity, provide a sense of belonging to a special group.

    I believe that the WTBT understands pretty good this concepts, that’s the reason because lots of its rules go to mind control its members by empathize the myths and illusions. Lets review a few of them:

    1. The myth of the 1914 prophecy.
    2. The myth of the GB as the only channel of God.
    3. The myth of the only clean organization before Hitler.
    4. The myth of a spiritual paradise and of being the people of God, etc.
    5. The illusion of a near paradise.
    6. The illusion of new lights in the assemblies.
    7. The illusion of work in Bethel and to feel God’s organization in our life, etc.

    For mind control purposes, they provide enough literature, meetings, assemblies, studies programs, etc, so the average JW could not find time for nothing more than “spiritual food”.

    For the few ones capable of find time on their lives, they tried to avoid them the cognitive dissonance of understand the fake of the myth and illusions by:

    1. Promote the fear that the internet or other source of information apart from the WT are dangerous to our spiritual lives, apostasy.
    2. The danger of God’s disapproval, and “eternal death”.
    3. The inadequacy of a college instruction in the ”times of the end” considering the “urge of the times”.

    Another fact, interesting to take note, base in my personal experience, is that anyone can go to the elders and tell them that we have lost our faith in God, and we would obtain empathy and help, but if we go the elders and tell them that we have lost our faith in the GB, at last we will be DA or DF. Amazing, FAITH in a human organization, and some year ago neither of us understood that this is idolatry.

    I think that somehow the FDS well understand the human psychology and how to control human groups.

    What do you think about it?

  • Carmel


    Most of humanity has moved on from myth making as the underlying paradigm to model making, ie scientific method. Having done so, myths are only useful if they have utilitarian benefit. Clearly the FDS myths are running out and cannot sustain the blind loyalty once thought to be impregnible. The myth that the King is wearing clothes is rapidly unraveling.


  • Ginosko

    Hi Carmel,

    Thanks for your response.

    I understand scientific method, and I really think that its invention marks a very important step in mankind growing.

    But do you really think that most of humanity has moved off myths and illusions?

    As I actually see it, myths and illusions not only apply for religions, but for governments, business, leadership and so on.

    Don’t you personally have dreams for the future? And in what do we sustains our illusions? Don’t you see nation and business myths?

    I think that scientific method help mankind to grow, but not enough to be complete free from myths and illusions. PS. My apologies for the mistakes, English is not my native language.

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