"In the beginning God created...." WHEN did the dubs say it was

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  • anti-absolutism

    OOps... went to hit the shift button and hit enter.... lol

    When I was younger, (I'm 33 now), I used to kill the boredom at the KH by looking at a lot of wierd stuff in the Bible. How many people out there have noticed that in the original NWT Bible, (the old green one printed in 1961) that Genesis, or in the beginning, started in 46,026 BCE?

    This is of course where they got to 1975, with that supposedly being the six thousandth year of man's existence, man having been created at the end of the sixth day. This is when they still had the belief that each "day" of God's creation was 7,000 years long.

    I can vividly remember doing a project on dinosaurs in grade 4, (in 1978) and during an oral presentation in front of the class stating that contrary to all scientific data, the dinosaurs WERE NOT around MILLIONS of years ago, but were here a maximum of 13,000 years ago. This was, of course because at the time, the Society taught that the animals were created during the sixth day.

    Ever notice that when the NWT was reprinted, that "In the beginning" was not given a specific year? Also, ever notice how hard it is to find an old green Bible around? Want to have some fun? Get a JW to find a 1961 model NWT Bible and show it to them. Let me know your humourous experiences of their own personal denial or light getting brighter crap!!!!!!!!!

    (Fortunately my teacher realized that I was just "in a cult" and gave me good marks anyway, because it wasn't my fault that I was misguided. lol )

    I still can't believe how silly it was and yet I "knew that I was right" and all the scientists and their carbon dating stuff was just Satan fooling them........... wow what a load of crap....

    Let me know of any experiences you may have had where YOUR OWN light got brighter by any similar shocking TRUTHS coming out.

    Thanks, Brad

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    This can be found right at the end of Revelation where the "table of the Books of the Bible" is printed, showing the apparent time frame for each book.

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    I have a couple of those old green Bibles somewhere - I'll have to dig them out. It never occured to me that the newer version of the NWT would contain changes. There is so much that I took as gospel and never bothered checking for myself - I was pretty gullible and feel ashamed


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