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  • openminded

    I am reviewing my notes for a psych. exam and am going over the syptoms of mental illness and schizophrenia in particular. I am noticing something that may be well known to most of you educated folks.

    Symptom 1. Delusions of grandour(God has me on his speed dial)(miracle wheat)

    2. Loss of ability to seperate reality from fantasy(millions now living will never die)

    3. Problems adapting to community(thanksgiving is evil)

    4. Delusions of persecution(what can I say)

    5. Working delusions into a belief system(ok shooting fish in a barrel is not fair)

    I wonder if the current members of the gov. body are just trying to play with the hand they were dealt or if they to are delusional?

    Any comment?


  • joelbear

    I have often said I believe witnesses break down into 2 basic groups.

    1. People who cannot face a real world where people compete for resources and bad things happen either through accident or because of the competition for resources. These people need to delude themselves. Jehovah's Witnesses mistake this need (referred to by them as desire) to be no part of the world for having a good heart, relying on god to make everything okay, etc. In reality it is simply turning your back on reality, holding your breath, crossing your fingers and hoping everything will get better some day. Unfortunately this simply doesn't work, leaving the desperate person more desperate and in time old and desperate.

    2. Opportunists who take advantage of people in number 1.

    I think all levels of witnesses including the governing body have both types. I have met Governing body members, Bethel overseers, Bethel elders, District Overseers, Circuit Overseers, Pioneers, Bethelites, Elders, etc that fit into each.



  • dedalus

    Nice reply, Joelbear.


  • RunningMan

    Here's another one that I noticed while browsing through a psychology textbook.

    When businesses and government are screening people for sensitive positions, they
    ask questions to determine the person's stability. One of the questions commonly
    asked is, "Do you believe that there is only one true religion?"

    Apparently, a positive answer indicates that a person is inclined toward instability.
    ie. Don't give them the keys to the bomb.

  • openminded

    nuke em for God

  • emyrose

    Yet another reason why college is banned or
    stimagtized as full of dangerous ideas that
    may stumble JW sheep.

  • openminded

    If the Org is truly the marketing machine most people here believe it to be. What segment of society do you think are the most prone to accepting the Jdub worldview?

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