I Daredevil you...

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  • gsx1138

    to waste your time seeing this peace of crap movie. I'm a comic book fan who was fairly pleased with the xmen movie and spiderman when it came to DVD (for some reason I hated it in the theatre). First, the acting was horrible. Ben Affleck needs a hydrochloric acid enema. He was amazingly bad. They turned Elektra into a total wuss. Bullseye (one of my favorite villians), was totally one dimensional and barely had a few lines in the movie. But he got to grit his teeth allot.

    They spent waaay too much time on his childhood when they could've just flashed over that and had some secondary character developement. The only good thing to come of it was a new trailer for xmen 2 which looked freakin amazing. Also there was a trailer for the Hulk but that movie looks like it could go either way.

  • nilfun

    Ben Affleck:

    Now I'll pay good money to see Hugh Jackman in X2....or in anything else for that matter....

    even with *that* hair. LoL....

  • OrbitingTheSun
    Ben Affleck needs a hydrochloric acid enema.

    LOL. That's creative.

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