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  • truthseekers2

    I found this information and when looking up the reference on whether Jesus is referred to as the Alpha and Omega, it is incorrect. Is it a typo? Was Jesus ever referred to in any of the publications as the Alpha and Omega? I need this info ASAP if anyone can help me...thank you!!!

    Does Revelation's "Alpha and Omega" refer to Jehovah or Christ?

    Refers to Jehovah God. -- Awake August 22, 1978 p. 28

    Refers to Jesus Christ. -- Watchtower October 1, 1978 p. 15

    (Notice how the "truth" changes in just two months?)

    Refers to Jehovah God. -- Reasoning book p. 412

  • MrMoe

    Not sure about the "literature"... but he last chapter of Revelations in the New World Translation... Jesus is speaking and calls himself the Alpha and the Omega...

  • NewLight2

    Enter "Alpha and Omega" into the search engine on this site and you should come up with what you are looking for. I saw a thread about this not too long ago.


  • NewLight2

    Check out this link:

    Old Light - New Light: Changes in Watchtower Doctrines

  • Carmel

    MMoe, Why are you so sure that it is Christ speaking? Just because the FDS said so? I know, I know, most Xtians beileve the same thing, but then they also believe the book of revelations was only about Christianity and only for Christians....


  • MrMoe

    Seeing how I think the bible is hogwash it doesn't make a difference... and yes, he (Jesus) says there "I Jesus sent my angel..."

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