The Greatest Show on Earth

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  • Been there
    Been there

    Today, Me, hubby and our almost 5 year old granddaughter Kelsee, braved the freezing rain and went to the Circus in Cincinnati. I was watching Kelsee as she was laughing and really liking being there. Half way though they had a 15 minute intermission after the first hour. We got up and walked around a little then went back to the seats. Show starts again and she's seeing the tigers which were her favorite. Not long after, she starts squirming, playing with the stuff we got her, looking around, any reason to get to stand up.............................My mind suddenly flashed back to 42 years ago, to her age and saw me sitting at meetings. Squirming the same way. By this time though I would be getting the warning glares, slapped on the bare leg, my arm grabbed and yanked out of the seat, drug up the isle (to the restroom) crying that I would be good "I promise". Sometimes the begging helped, sometimes it didn't. My point is, this beautiful little girl was antsy after an hour and a half at the Greatest show on Earth, my heart suddenly broke for every little JW child who has spent hours a week for years having to endure sitting through mind numbing chatter, that was never brought down to a childs level and understanding. How dare they break the spirits of Gods little ones. How dare they only tolerate children, steal their childhood until they can be good little salesman. What good are they until then? I'm sorry to say I was a strict Mom. Even though I was out by the time my daughter was born I still had my upbringing. I regret I expected her to be a little adult. I am greatful now that I have a chance to let my grandbaby be a kid. I am being a kid with her. I have no fond memories of being a JW child. They broke my spirit. I never had what it took to be a JW, let alone a good one. I thank God, my future generations don't have to worry about that, and I get to watch them be kids. What is expected from those children is cruel and inhumaine. Even the "Catholics" have Sunday school to learn about Gods love at their age level. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  • Aztec

    (((Been There)))
    I was raised a dub too so I know what you mean. To make matters worse my father was an elder and my grandfather was the PO of our congregation so I had the added hours in field service EVERY Saturday and the all important family study. Did any of this make me a more spiritually upstanding person? NO! I learned how to lie and be sneaky as a child. I had so many fake colds as a child...LOL I would never put my son through any of that. I'm so glad I get to give him a normal childhood! For his seventh birthday this year we are even gonna book a party at the local pizza place. Woohoo!!!


  • Francois

    I got my little girl out before she went to the first grade.


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