Does anyone know?

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  • claudia

    Hi does anyone know who the jws claim were gods people before them?

  • RR

    They really don't claim any one particular group as having been God's people, other than the natrion of Israel, whom they claim were rejected when they crucified Jesus.

    Their premise is that God has had faithful witnesses these past six thousand years, Abel being the first Witness of Jehovah, then through the ages, to the patriachs, Israel, the apostles and early disciples, then the geat apostasy of the Romans Church, then the Watchtower was formed for gathering His people. Interestingly, as much as they claim Bro. Russell as just one of many faithful witnesses, they reject most of his theology, so despite the Society being God's channel, for the first forty years or so, the Society thought apostasy. Since it wasn't until 1918/19 that he appointed them over his domestics, although I believe even that has changed.

    Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, it's not God's fault!

  • stephenw20

    Ask Chris ...on the "I am new"post...she can explain it....


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