WTS line in the sand= where/when?

by happysunshine 2 Replies latest jw experiences

  • happysunshine

    Has anyone asked this question of their family:

    "What would the WTS have to say or do to make you leave? Where would you draw the line?"

    What was their response? -J

  • tom64kat

    hi sunshine...my mother told me she would never leave even if the GB turns out to be false prohets because she would still have to thank them for giving her the best way of life...i think it's because she's pioneered for about 30 years and has only seen the 'good' side of the org because her and my father have always been high performers and despite having questions over the years they always accept the org's explanation of matters...at this point i don't even press the issue with them anymore because i think the disappointment they would face would just be too great to handle...tom64kat

  • Francois

    I know lots of people like that. Their entire life is wrapped up in the JWs, so all their friends, family, sense of self, everything that makes them who they are has got to do with the JWs. Thus, the JWs are much, much more a social club than religion, er, cult I mean.

    I say this with the hope that saying will make it so (It did with the telemarketers, when I warned them, maybe it will work here too): The JWs are begging for government intervention into their scam-assed cult. And I predict that some way, some day they're going to get what's coming to them. May it be so.

    Told the telemarketers the same thing about six years ago, and now there's coming a national no-call list for them to dance to. Big fines. Federalised laws. I love it. Perhaps something like a "full disclosure" document for people who are about to join a religion that is the result of arbitrated meetings with the religion to be described and anyone who wants to add comment to the "full disclosure" document to be published. I could go for that idea. I don't think it is violative of the first amendment. Those bastard* are asking for government intervention in their scam, and I'm here to help see they get what they deserve.


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