Language learning companies - Jw's?

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  • SadElder

    This came up on my morning dub alerts. Not certain what this really implies. It lists the dubs as a key company in language learning.

    Anyone aware of this?

  • Giordano

    No surprise there. The WTBTS loves to tell everyone how many languages their publications are in. So a world wide language report especially growth of a language gives their corporation information where to concentrate their message dollars.

    I used to say that the WT was all about obedience followed by faith. Now it seems they are all about marketing, then obedience then faith. It's funny that they have never really been all about Jesus.

  • WTWizard

    The washtowel is probably the one thing that is even worse than that Rosetta Stone in teaching you another language (at least that thing will teach you the basics, albeit inefficiently). Using the washtowel will guide you in being useful in learning what you need to parrot phrases needed to study their rubbish, not get you around in a foreign country.

    And that is for languages like French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. The washtowel does a lousy job teaching you the structure of the languages (at least the Rosetta Stone gives you some minimal grammar). The washtowel gives zero grammar lessons--just enough to go through their littera-trash. And, try a language like German--4 cases, declinations of nouns and adjectives, separable verbs, which prepositions will put the noun in which case, verb conjugations. Will the washtowel actually teach these? Or better, a language like Russian or Icelandic.

    You really want to learn another language? You will need to watch real life videos and listen to real life audio in that language (or you will never get the phonics you need), or be in a class to hear the language spoken. You will probably need some help, either as a class or a textbook in addition. Yes, you can get a lot of this online at no charge and with no obligation to study the jokehovian religion (and, at that in languages that are useless to joke-hova such as Russian, German, Norwegian, and Polish when you "really" need Spanish or English (where people speak other languages)). And, even the Rosetta Stone is better than the washtowel--just be sure to read the reviews of it in your language before buying because that is quite expensive.

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