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    Morning all.

    This is very much a work-in-progress. If you would like the Excel file that currently has about 150 words/phrases and 150 Scriptures sorted according to usage from the Russell years compared to 1950-1992 and 1993-1999 please email me. I am still looking for a full range of Scriptures and key/loaded words. The project I am working on has its start here:


    Here's a few tidbits comparing Watchtower entries 1993-99 against 1950-92, on average:

    Interesting to me the word Apostates mean something quite distinct in the neologism of the Theocratic Language. It means a group of XJWs. Heres the stats

    • Apostasy up 10%
    • Apostate up 9%
    • Apostates up 34%

    Christian down 17% - Christians up 16% (once again addressing the group not the individual)

    Disfellowship down 13% -Difellowshipped up 95%

    Faithful and discreet slave up 62% - Faithful servant up 221%Love down 7% Joy up 25%

    Peace down 14% - Grace down 45% - Comfort up 75%

    Agape (unconditional love) up 278%; Unconditional love 0 entries (hmmm)

    1874 - no refences in 93-99 (the true date Jesus returned if you accept Jesus okayed everything in 1919 and hasnt come back to change his mind on it, wink wink)

    Heres an interesting grouping, up 560% to 361% respectively:

    Family study

    Circuit Overseer

    Traveling Overseer

    Unbaptized publisher

    Elijah class (zippo for Elisha however)

    Heres the top-10 Scriptures in terms of absolute increases per Watchtower (93-99 over 50-92), the first one is just 0.4 references per magazine.

    2 Tim 3:1

    Last days identified

    Matt 24:45

    Faithful and discreet slave

    Rev 21:4

    Wipe out every tear

    John 3:16

    God gave only begotten son

    1 John 5:19

    World in hand of wicked one

    Matt 28:19

    Go make disciples

    John 17:3

    Coming to know God (knowledge of)

    Rom 5:12

    Death through one man

    Matt 24:47

    Appoint slave over belongings

    Heb 10:25

    Gather yourselves together

    These remaining top-10 Scriptures from the man himself, Russell, did not make the Watchtowers top 50 from 1950 to 1999.

    Dan 12:1

    Michael the great prince (Im not sure if this is Jesus or the Pope, no I am not joking)

    Rom 6:23

    Wages of sin, death (this surprises me, need to check)

    Luke 12:32

    Little flock given kingdom

    Rev 3:14

    Faithful and true witness

    John 1:1

    Word is God/a god/divine (not always used to dispute Trinity, more general use)

    2 Pet 2:1

    False prophets (hmmm )

    John 8:44

    Devil father of the lie (hmmm)

    Anyway, all in fun - so far...

    Best regards,

    Glen James

  • gumby

    A quote from the site you provided:

    "What I do want to do is make sure is that I am including in the searches Scriptures and Key Words that accurately reflect Watch Tower emphasis, then and now. Your help is providing a good range is requested"

    You don't have to go back that far to see changing emphasis on scriptures from the dubs. It all depends on what type of shit they have gotten themselves into at the time.

    All of Christianity uses the scriptures to fit their agenda......haven't you noticed?


    Your efforts in aiding others to realize the error within the Org. is appreciated.....good luck


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    One area that I am particularly keen to "proving" is that the WTS has emphasized Organizational terms such as Circuit Overseer and Elders in recent years. Why? Because Russell did not. So? I believe that the WTS will put try to put the turd into the local elders pockets by disclaiming its influence over the rank & file. I hypothesize that by doing searches on key words and Scriptures there will be empirical proof that the WTS has its pockets stuffed with turds. The WTS has all the responsibility by turning its religious publishing empire into a religion. Despite shoring itself up against the inevitable lawsuits it is totally responsible, and their own publications will prove that to be the case.

    I do agree that all "bible-based" religions will use Scripture according to need. What is different with the WTS? The results of its abuse of Scripture has literally killed people, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It has no right to escape its due recompense. The billion dollars in assets it owns should be distributed to those who suffered because of its policies.

    It's going to be a long project, all help is appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Glen James

  • OICU8it2

    Excellent idea.

  • simwitness


    I enjoy these comparisons. I would like to make a comment/suggestion that might make for an intersting part 2.

    For me, many times what is more interesting about what a group says/teaches is what is NOT said.

    For example, If I wanted to follow a true christian/bible study group, I would expect that over a years worth of study articles nearly ALL of the bible would be gone over, and more importantly all of Christ's word's (those words in "red" in alot of bibles) would be studied at least ONCE. (we are talking Christians, right?)

    Well, in light of this, what I would love to see (and I am too lazy to compose myself, since I already have an opinion) would be stats on:

    1. What scriptures are specifically "ignored" - for example, look up Luke 21:8 (or that entire passage, you know, when Christ specifically tells the followers whom not to follow) and you will probably find that it has not been referenced at all in the past 50-60-100 years.

    2. If this is a christian fellowhip, you would expect to see more emphasis on the New Testament. so, of all of the scriptures cited, what is the ratio of old testmant to new testament?

    See, these are the points that tell me that the JWs are not "bible students" at all, but are merely students of the Watchtower Org and the parts of the bible that the WTBS say are "worthy" of study.

    Another curios part, specific to the WTBS itself, would be to see the change in number of references to it's "leaders" and how that has changed thru the decades. I find it "cuiros and curioser" that recently more JWs know about Charles Russel than ever before. When I mentioned that name to my dad "years" ago, he had never heard it. When I mentioned it more recently, he seemed to know more. Is it perhaps cyclical? or in direct response to the fact that the WTBS can no longer hide it history (thanks to the internet and other sources of info)?

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    Good suggestions, I have been seeing the gap as I have been sorting through (I am currently going through my wife's pioneer book for the Scriptures emphasized - she was such a good Witness!) As for Luke 21:8 (Do not be misled, many come on basis of my name) - it had 161 references in the 50 years of the WTS CD, and down 37% in the 93-99 period over 50-92, annual average.

    What's been interesting is the relative usage, or lack thereof:

    The ever-popular Matt 24:14 (preaching work) has 1,964 references in 50 years - thus supporting the literature sales program whereas 1 Cor. 7:23 (the admonition to not be slaves of men) gets a whopping 74 references!


    PS, I'll try to incorporate your other suggestions in Part 3.

  • simwitness

    ok, I think I found the difference in how we are researching (on Luke 21:8 specifically)

    I used the index of the 1999 CD, and it had 2 references to that scripture, and only then in the 1930-1986 section.

    One Reference is in the 1964 WT, strangely enough in an article entitled "Wolves in sheeps clothing" and then again in the "ni" book (is that the insight book?)

    If you switch to the 86-99 Index, it has no mention.

    If you do a search for "Luke 21:8", you will get a number of hits, but a quick review shows them to referencing the entire sections of Luke 21, but never specifically verse 8. the few contexts I saw, they did not even reference the warning of verse 8. in the index for 86-99, Luke 21:8 never shows up, although vs 7 and 9 do.

    Which of course is no surprise, since Christ specifically tells his followers:

    He said: "Look out that YOU are not misled; for many will come on the basis of my name, saying, I am he, and, The due time has approached. Do not go after them.

    Afgter your response, I had to go "look it up" again, to clarify what I remembered the last time I did it.

    Now I have to go defrag my Computer and get rid off all them WT "demons" :)

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  • Francois

    I would love to know the number of instances, by year, of the use or lack thereof pertaining to the scripture in Romans that says, "For whosoever is lead by the spirit of God is a child of God."

    I believe they shy away from that scripture because unless it's mistranslated, it means that none of God's chillun needs any organization to get in touch with Dad. This is precisely why the WTBTS has mistranslated the scripture at John 17:3. THEY say it says, "...this means everlasting life, taking in knowledge about God..."

    I SAY that it says, "...this means everlasting life, knowing God and seeking to be like him."


    Knowing something is totally different than knowing about something isn't it? And it takes a lot more personal effort, too. And it doesn't require any organization to accomplish, and that's a big nono with the JWs. Big difference, what?


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  • Pistoff
    One area that I am particularly keen to "proving" is that the WTS has emphasized Organizational terms such as Circuit Overseer and Elders in recent years. Why? Because Russell did not. So? I believe that the WTS will put try to put the turd into the local elders pockets by disclaiming its influence over the rank & file. I hypothesize that by doing searches on key words and Scriptures there will be empirical proof that the WTS has its pockets stuffed with turds.

    Ah, so true. In a looming lawsuit about organizational policy regarding reporting of child sexual abuse, the WT is saying that:

    The local congregations are independent, that NY does NOT control

    That the elders make their own uninfluenced decisions, NY does NOT control them

    That the WT does NOT guide, control the preaching work

    That the WT is NOT connected financially at ALL with the local congregations.

    Can you believe how they will lie if they think it will keep them from paying damages???

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    I was hoping that by putting in the verse and counting up the references I could get a rough sense of where the scriptural emphasis was heading, that was taking me about 20 references per hours . But you are absolutely right. In the case of Luke 21:8 the bulk of the references are for Luke 21 in general. This is gonna create a lot more work, and take too much time. Unless there's a way of dumping the whole database on the hard drive and doing some "word search" there. I don't know how to do that. So I am in rethink mode as it relates to the Scriptures. I feel more comfortable on the Key Words search so I will concentrate on that for a while, since the emphasis I am looking for right now relates to Organizational terms to prove through its own literature that the WTS is solely responsible for the suffering that continues due to its policies. Thanks for sleuthing the specifics!


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