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  • Phil

    My daughter joined the JW and on various occasions I have asked her some questions about the JWs and their practices. Her responses always seemed to be incomplete.

    A question I have for you folkes on the board is what kind of remuneration does the JW organization get from the members and what do the elders and others do in the way getting the necessary funds from the members. Is it a set understanding or what. How much is "recommended" for the various hand outs. If they get payment from a "customer" for the printed material, do they keep it or must they hand it in to the organization. Do JWs practice tithing as practiced in many religions.

  • Buster

    At one time there was a set fee for each publication (except the two-page tracts) distributed. But, under the looming threat of a sales tax, they had to change the process to a 'voluntary donation' program.

    But typically, this is how it goes: A JW will go to the back counter in a Hall, usually after a meeting, and tell the Servant how many of this book, that magamzine, and the other thing they want. For the field service (door-to-door preaching) work, they usually have all the items in stock. When a JW wants something not kept in stock, the Servant will order it from the Watchtower Head office - Brooklyn in the US. While the Servant is counting out mags, or immediately thereafter, the 'customer' will put money in a donation box. The fee per item is understood, it is just a nominally gratuity to get around the sales tax.

    At this point, the item is the property of the 'publisher.' When asking for a donation 'to cover the cost of printing,' they will usually quote the figure paid at the counter in the Hall. It goes in their pocket, and stays there until they need more stuff to leave at people's doors.

    I don't know the current 'suggested list price' of the materials.

    No, the dubbies don't practice any form of tithing.

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  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    I think that you don't have many responses to your post Phil, because the posters are shocked, and don,t know what to say or how to deliver bad news. I don't want to alarm you unnecessarily, but I do hope that you have had a very strong relationship with your daughter in the past.

    Her becoming a jw would normally put a family relationship to the test - it can be a very nasty cult and it has a wicked agenda.


  • Loris


    There is no formal tithing as such. Just articles in the Watchtower throwing guilt around abundantly hinting at the destitute condition of the poor brothers in third world countries not having decent places to meet, etc. Every assembly and convention has a "talk" about cheerful giving and how the funds are x dollars short of covering the costs of the assembly. Which by the way I never could understand how a two day assembly at a Witness owned assembly hall could possibly cost upwards of $10,000.00. But they are assurred that the funds would be forthcoming by the end of the two days. Jehovah will provide and all.

    The literature is dispensed at the Kingdom Hall. There is a "donation box" nearby and if someone gets literature and is not seen donating they will be given "THE LOOK". The "customer" at the door if they give a donation is told that the donation is going towards the "worldwide work" The publisher who has already "donated" for the literature is subtlely pressured to turn that money into the donation box at the KH at the next meeting. The "donation" method is a clever way of getting Way more than the cost of printing for literature. The VOLUNTARY contribution idea is tossed into meetings as a reminder to the poor hapless dubs to also donate More money over and above the amount donated for the literature.

    If anyone adds up the money they put in the box and the time devoted to the door to door ministry, the gas, car maintainance etc it far exceeds any tithe of any other religion.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi Phil,

    Well, your daughter is in for some difficulties, but financial difficulties will probably not be one of them.

    I was a JW for about 20 years, growing up in the religion. I was a "pioneer minister" spending 100 or more hours a month knocking on doors, and I was a Ministerial Servant in my congregation before I left. One thing I have to give credit to the WTS for is that they do not "pass the plate" or demand tithes. There is usually a contribution box in the back of the Kingdom Hall, as has already been mentioned, amd people drop in their contributions as they feel moved to do so.

    That should not be taken as an indication that the WTS in unconcerned with money - what they want most of all is your daughter's TIME - getting her to spend weekends and much of her other free time in the house-to-house "ministry" - distributing Watchtowere books and magazines.

    As you browse the discussions here you'll see that monetary gifts to circuit servants and the like is one way that a "spiritally strong" brother can be recognized as "reaching out" and obtain appointment as an elder in his local congregation. If the gift is large enough and directed to the right person, one might even find himself appointed as a circuit servant and speaking at district conventions, as aposter here named RR describes in his recent thread about the successors of Charles Taze Russell, the founder of The Watch Tower.

    Good luck to you in speaking with your daughter. She has been convinced that the end of the world is immanent and that the only way she can hope to survive is to follow the teachings of the Watchtower. Some time from now she will, I hope, recognize that she wa misinformed. I hope that you will be there for her when she has this realization, because she will need all the emotional support you can give her.

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