I'm back - and I'm an AUNT!!!

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  • Tashawaa

    My sis had a boy!!! He's a week old. Him, my sis and her fiance live with me, and for the few that sorta know my history, I stood by her and got DF'd. Well worth it.

    We have soooo many friends now. I was a little worried about a baby-shower (whether we'd know anyone) because the only ones I ever attended were all witness ones, usually a dozen sister's would show and they were painfully boring! My biggest fear is/was that her and I would sit there, my mom would come and nobody would show... then she'd shake her head and think how much better off we were before with the "support of the congregation".

    I've had a ton of work-mates, associates, friends ask when the shower is... so I've decided next month and since my place is small, and so many want to come, I'm going to have it as a "come and go". I'm planning some wine & cheese, reg. punch, snacks, music, decorations - I'm soooo excited. We sat down to do up our list and we're close to 40-50 girlfriends! CRAZY. I hadn't realized how many friends we had until we did this!

    Now I'm optimistic that it'll go well. I hope my mom comes and sees how many care about us, and the variety.

    Anyhoo, I'm catching up on all the postings I've missed, and adding my "sarcastic" thoughts.

  • calamityjane

    Welcome back, Tashawaa.

    Yes I'm new here. Congrats on becoming an auntie.

    And yes its amazing how many more true friends we have out of the borg. My hubby and I have to keep a calendar up to date, trying to fit in our friends into the weekends. Whenever one of our friends call, I have to look on our calendar to make sure we're free. Never had that problem in the borg.

    I really have to get off this board and start getting ready to make perogies

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