Regarding the "god" of the Watchtower

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  • Marcos

    Explain something to me, please.

    Has anyone noticed the similarity of the god of the Watchtower (as they portray him) to Allah? I know very little about Islam. I have read a little and frankly am not interested (mark me down as a "not at home").

    I must state that I use the word god in small letters because I don't believe that the WT revers Jehovah other than in name only. Therefore, their worship is in vain.

    But, isn't it true that Allah blesses "whom he will bless" regardless of who that person is or what he does? That is to say isn't he capricious in his choice of whom to bless?

    Is this not also true of the god of the WT? For all of the efforts (works) of the individual witness, aren't they taught that they are to work on pleasing their god and MAYBE they MIGHT be saved?

    Who or What is really the god of the Watchtower? Are they actually Islamic Fundamentalists in disguise?

    I shouldn't have to say this but, please don't bother giving me links to Islamic sites. I'm not a candidate for conversion.


  • Realist

    islam, JW and jews all draw from the same nonsense...the old testament. thats why their god is equally stupid and disgusting.

  • JamesThomas

    As the Realist said, the Christians and Moslems are branched from the Jews who worship a tiny, tribal, anthropomorphized, male god of war. This god evolves and changes somewhat as the needs require, which is why the Bible-god is so insane and confusing. It is all just a creation of the carnal mind. You may find the book A History of God, by Karen Armstrong, helpful. JamesT

  • ISP

    I think Jehovah is tougher.he can use cosmic rays and anti matter...........


  • ISP

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