This is how I feel now

by Liquidizer 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • Liquidizer


    My empty eyes staring at the wall

    A black heart always complaining

    A life of emptiness filled with despair and pain

    Who could explain the inner turmoil of emotions

    That keep on bothering my broken heart

    Who could truly understand the vanity of life

    The frustration because of the foolish heart

    Who is this man of broken dreams of human love

    A man living in a constant illusion of romance

    Do you always have to expect real love for you

    From the wrong direction where is none, you stupid silly fool?

    Yes, Im a true insane mental psychopath crying for himself

    Nobody is ever missing that kind of human being full of fear

    Everybodys so afraid after having noticed a face without a smile

    Everyones unsure of oneself while there is no a handshake

    Nothings moving, no hands, no heart, not even the eyes like ice

    A black cold heart, always having those freezing hands shaking

    A frozen heart completely unable to feel warm love

    All the more so of expressing it to the neighbours

    Where are your friends if theres any of them?

    Are you happy in your isolation in your home now?

    You must love sitting by the computer all day

    Is it your only friend?

    Can it show affection?

    Can it say it loves you?

    Does it miss you?

    Does it need you?

    No, its a machine

    Maybe Im a machine

    A torn-out machine

    Thrown among the garbage

    The end of the text comes

    Right over here

    The end

  • berylblue

    Please write to me at [email protected]. I will try to help if I can. Feeling like that myself.


  • JamesThomas

    Liq, I know those feelings. Even, many who are active on the outside, are empty inside. It could be a spiritual crisis, where you yearn for a deeper connection with life. If this is true, I would suggest books like: The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle which gently guide us deeper into ourselves and this moment to find the wholeness that is already there. JamesT

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